Rave Reviews From Our Patients


While I seldom write endorsement comments,

the experience provided by Dr. Wynens at Atlanta Hearing Doctor warrants an exception. She is the consummate professional, providing best in class service. She excels at her profession in virtue of the depth of her knowledge and the exemplary seriousness with which she approaches her discipline. Of equal importance, her demeanor, caring attitude, genuineness and her patient and attentive listening skills provide a richly collaborative approach. I will enthusiastically recommend Dr. Wynens to my friends and relatives.

G.B., Atlanta

Hello from a Happy Client

It has been a few months since I got my audio work done thus I thought I would share some reflections. Both the hearing protection and in-ear monitors have been fabulous to say the least. I use them socially and also when I am working. For my motorcycle the earplugs have been an excellent investment as I can just put them in and go. In the past I would spend minutes fiddling with a foam solution that was no good. The in-ear monitors have been effective on Media Projects, Cycling or just kicking back in a restaurant having a salad… Read more “Hello from a Happy Client”

SCK, Atlanta, GA

More Confident

After spending 3 years trying to adjust to the hearing aids I had gotten at a big box discounter, I bit the bullet and visited Dr. Wynens. I found her to be an unusually caring clinician who is generous with her time and eager to meet the needs of her patients. I am now happily wearing my hearing devices (all day long!) and am much more confident that I will be able to hear what my grandsons (and my boss!) are saying.

C.K., Atlanta, GA


Dr. Wynens, thank you for your generosity. It is good to know that there are doctors like you who really care for their patients.

B.D., Conyers, GA

Great Fitting Ear mold

Finally I found an audiologist who really knows how to make a good-fitting ear mold! Dr. Wynens is extremely knowledgeable on many hearing aids and related products. She does not rush through your appointment. Instead she takes time to explain everything to you and to help you to select the hearing aids until you’re satisfied with the choice. I would highly recommend Dr. Wynens for all your audiological needs!

Myca, Vinings, GA

Professional and Personal Life Improved

In my both my professional and personal life my hearing deficiency had become a real liability my effectiveness was compromised. In many social and family situations I simply “tuned out” communications because it was simply too difficult to “keep up”. This is something that I had been aware for some time. I met Dr Wynens through my general physician. Dr. Wynens was able to identify my issue and prescribe hearing devices that have made me more effective in my vocation and improved personal relationships. I am very satisfied with the product she recommended for my problem. She was very effective… Read more “Professional and Personal Life Improved”

W.B., Atlanta, GA

Outstanding Service

I found the Atlanta Hearing Doctor provides excellent service. Working with Dr. Maria Wynens, I was able to find hearing aids that met my needs. Dr Wynens was very helpful in solving minor problems I had with hearing aids I had purchased through her office. I secured prompt appointments every time I called. Dr. Wynens was very knowledgeable with respect to the leading hearing aids as well as about hearing problems. When I purchased hearing aids through the Atlanta Hearing Doctor, there were no charges for subsequent visits. In summary, I found Dr. Wynens provides outstanding quality and service. I… Read more “Outstanding Service”

R.T., Atlanta, GA

A New World

The use of firearms through the years has greatly diminished my hearing. It was only after family members pointed out how much I was missing that I finally acknowledged that I needed hearing aids. I did some research on the internet and went to a seminar on hearing aids and discovered the latest technology. I contacted several audiologists but it was only after I talked with Dr. Maria Wynens that I got satisfactory answers to my many questions. When I first met Dr. Wynens, I felt I had known her all my life. She put me totally at ease as… Read more “A New World”

W.S., Sandy Springs, GA

What Makes Dr. Wynens Different…

I’ve worn hearing aids since my mid-twenties, and since then I’ve had five pairs of hearing aids prescribed by several different audiologists. What makes Dr. Wynens different than my previous audiologists is the fact that Dr. Wynens has never rushed. She wanted to know my likes and dislikes of my current pair of hearing devices, as well as, what I wanted from the new ones. She knew I was interested in the latest technology but wasn’t interested in selling all the bells and whistles. Dr. Wynens has made coming back for adjustments easy. And most important, to me, she always… Read more “What Makes Dr. Wynens Different…”

R.C., Atlanta, GA

Thank You for Your Help!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance in helping me to obtain my hearing aids. Having the right hearing aids that work for my specific hearing loss has changed my world and has enabled me to become a more productive member of society. Dr. Wynens knowledge, experience and professionalism was over and above anyone I have worked with in the past. You have the “caring” factor which makes you stand out above the crowd. I watched and listened to you speaking to other specialists to ensure that I get the hearing aids that would meet my… Read more “Thank You for Your Help!”

S.T., Marietta, GA

Hearing is Believing

I am a 40 year old professional, who lost over 50% hearing in my right ear due to an automobile accident several years ago. Unfortunately, I was too vain to even consider a traditional hearing aid – that is, until I found hearing devices from Dr. Maria Wynens. I contacted 3 or 4 other offices in the Atlanta area for information on a new (super small) device, and Dr. Wynens was THE only one that returned my call. Needless, to say, she has not only earned my trust and respect, she also has a customer for life! Upon my 1st… Read more “Hearing is Believing”

B.L.J., Snellville, GA

Discovering Sound

I am a 58 year old gentleman, who, after many years of construction noise and loud music, slowly ruined my hearing. Now I am happy to report Dr. Maria Wynens has helped me re-discover the sounds of crickets and birds everywhere, and she has re-introduced me to the wonderful world of hearing. Now I can go to a noisy restaurant, meeting, movie, or just watch TV, and hear and understand everything. Background noise does not matter or bother me. After a very short breaking-in period I now wear them every waking hour. An easy volume control switch lets me adapt… Read more “Discovering Sound”

K.D., Atlanta, GA

I have been wearing hearing aids for the past ten years and have never been able to hear and differentiate sounds as well as I can today. I cannot thank Dr. Wynens enough for recommending I try changing my hearing aids. It has made a world of difference in my hearing and ability to speak on the telephone. For the first time in many years I can speak and hear like a normal hearing person without having to ask people to repeat what they are saying. The individual attention, guidance, and service you provided cannot be measured in words. Thank… Read more “”

H.B., Former Assistant Basketball Coach, Atlanta Hawks, NBA
Current Assistant Coach, Charlotte Bobcats, NBAA

I was impressed with you from the beginning…

I wanted to express my appreciation to you concerning my hearing devices. When I was in for my physical exam with my doctor, I had mentioned to him that my hearing had declined. He said I should speak with you. To be frank, I was impressed with you from the beginning. You have a way about you that makes a person feel at ease. This is especially important when a person is moving into an area he or she may not be familiar with. The way you walked me through all of the test with precise explanation made me feel… Read more “I was impressed with you from the beginning…”

PLH, Atlanta, GA

The Right Choice

Dr. Wynens is a compassionate and focused listener. She has highly accurate assessment skills that provides the optimal hearing experience. Follow-up appointments and adjustments of the hearing aids are handled with the same level of detail and focus as the initial appointment. Options and pricing are thoroughly explained. I feel that with each visit, she genuinely cares about and wants the premium hearing experience for me. For the best in audiology, Dr. Wynens is at the top of list.

J.D., Atlanta, GA

No Pressure and Smiles All Along

What a nice experience! Nothing like a traditional doctor visit — Dr. Wynens is easy to talk to, thorough and extremely clear in her explanations. I was expecting a push to buy expensive hearing aids (which I probably need), but there was none of that. She explained that I needed an MD’s evaluation and referred me. No pressure, and smiles all along. I’d go back in a minute.”

M.H., Atlanta, GA

A Great Recommendation

“My 96 year old Mother’s primary care physician recommended that she see Dr. Wynens, the Atlanta Hearing Doctor, to see what could be done to help Mom overcome a steadily declining loss of hearing. It turned out to be a great recommendation. Dr. Wynens had Mom test a new set of digital hearing aids with the newest technology. The improvement in Mom’s hearing was immediate and remarkable. More importantly, the patience, thoroughness and understanding Dr. Wynens provided while working with Mom were second to none. Dr. Wynens has a very friendly, known-you-for-a –long-time, patient oriented style that was perfect for… Read more “A Great Recommendation”

P.H., Dunwoody, GA

My father finally agreed to a hearing aid after he gradually lost his hearing over the course of 10 years. My parents had just moved from NJ to ATL and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to help him find a great Doctor. There are so many Audiologists’ in the Sandy Springs area and it was confusing to decide who to make an appointment with until I found Dr. Maria Wynens, the Atlanta Hearing Doctor. Her Website displays a real interest and passion to help people, knowledge and experience in her field and phenomenal credentials and patient reviews. After… Read more “”

B.P., Sandy Springs, GA

The Right Choice

Dr. Wynens is so thorough and helpful, and professional, always accessible when I have a question or concern. I absolutely LOVE my hearing aids, and adapted to them with no problem, thanks to her expert advice. I wish more people would have their hearing tested and get the help they need!

J.E.M., Atlanta, GA

Dr. Wynens knowledge, experience and professionalism was over and above anyone I have worked with in the past. You have the “caring” factor which makes you stand out above the crowd.

R.N., Atlanta

I felt very comfortable in the office and was seen right on time. Quality of care was excellence and I understood my hearing issues and the solution completely.

Suzanne S.

Great experience. Easy to schedule and follow up. The doctor is excellent, caring, thorough, and gives great care. I have and will continue to recommend this practice.

Abram F.

I am happy to report Dr. Maria Wynens has helped me re-discover the sounds of crickets and birds everywhere, and she has re-introduced me to the wonderful world of hearing.

K.D., Atlanta, GA