Acknowledging the Realities of Hearing Loss

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Acknowledging the Realities of Hearing Loss
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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Unlike heartburn or reduced vision, hearing loss is just one of those diagnoses people have difficulty acknowledging and accepting. On average, Americans wait an average of seven to ten years from the time they first notice changes in their hearing to the time they complete a hearing assessment. And the denial doesn’t always vanish once a person has been screened and diagnosed with a hearing loss. After the initial screening, some patients wait additional months or even years before trying hearing aids, and then others don’t wear their hearing aids long enough to get through the adjustment period. Even some people who have used hearing aids for years and know the great benefits they bring, will sometimes try to hide or deny their hearing loss with friends or coworkers. At Atlanta Hearing Doctor, we care deeply about your hearing and your quality of life. We urge you to look at all the positive benefits that are associated with acknowledging and accepting your hearing loss.

Reasons Acknowledging Your Hearing Loss is Good for Your Health

There’s no moving on until you do. The reality of hearing loss can be a hard truth to face for many people. Perhaps it is the stigma that is still often associated with hearing aids or the fact that hearing loss is sometimes associated with getting older. Whatever the reason it’s difficult for you to face your hearing loss, the first task is to acknowledge it. Once you do, you’ll be able to take the steps necessary to address the hearing loss and get your life back.

Your hearing loss is here to stay. Temporary hearing loss is extremely rare, and usually only lasts up to a few days. If you’ve experienced some frustration understanding group conversations or hearing in noisy environments, chances are that your hearing loss is permanent. It is important to get your hearing screened as soon as possible, as hearing loss tends to get worse over time. The sooner you accept that you may be struggling a bit, the sooner you can start experiencing the life changing effects of treatment with hearing aids.

Your friends and family will thank you. There have been numerous studies conducted in countries across the world that connect treating hearing loss with hearing aids and improved relationships with loved ones. Has your partner expressed some frustration about you not “listening” when really you hear her and just cannot understand? Do you miss some important moments and jokes at family gatherings because you didn’t pick up on everything happening in the conversation? When you acknowledge your hearing loss and treat it with hearing aids, you can alleviate these relationship stressors, and go back to enjoying your loved ones.

Your co-workers will see you as more competent. Very little good comes from hiding your hearing loss, especially in the workplace. Studies have shown that people with untreated hearing loss are perceived as less confident, capable, and intelligent than their peers without hearing loss or who treat their hearing loss with hearing aids. If you don’t accept your hearing loss and in turn hide it from your co-workers, they may interpret your hearing issues as a lack of conceptual understanding. It is important to acknowledge your hearing loss at work so your co-workers can make accommodations that allow you to participate fully. This will also help your colleagues understand that if you didn’t catch a part of the meeting or presentation, is it not because you couldn’t understand the content, but that you simply did not hear it.

You will be happier. This one may be the most important reason to acknowledge and accept your hearing loss. When you accept your hearing loss as just a part of you (like a vision impairment or low blood pressure), you will naturally have a better attitude towards it. With a better attitude, you will be more likely to get a hearing assessment and wear your hearing aids. Once you do this and realize how much easier life has become, you will see the connection between accepting your hearing loss and your own personal happiness.

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