Dispelling the Myths: Hearing Aids are Bulky Eyesores

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Dispelling the Myths: Hearing Aids are Bulky Eyesores
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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Dispelling the Myths: Hearing Aids are Bulky Eyesores

On average, Americans wait about 7-10 years between the time they notice changes in their hearing to the time they schedule a hearing test. Hearing loss effects 1 in 3 people by age 65 and has been linked to depression, dementia, social anxiety, and even reduced earning potential. With all these negative effects of untreated hearing loss, why do we wait so long to handle an issue as important as our hearing?

Cue the commonly and widely believed myths about hearing aids. While there are many myths about hearing aids that are simply untrue – today we focus on one in particular – the notion that hearing aids are bulky and noticeable eyesores.

Gone are the days of giant, bulky beige hearing aids that your grandpa used to wear. Nowadays, hearing aids are sleek, discreet, powerful and even “smart”. While most manufacturers have developed smaller and less noticeable hearing aids, we’ve compiled this list of the most inconspicuous hearing aids on the market. Today, we dispel this fictitious myth once and for all.

Meet the Phonak Lyric

Touted by the company as the “contact lens for your ears,” the Lyric is 100% invisible once inserted into your ears. The tiny device sits deep within your ear canal making it almost impossible to detect. Being placed this deep into the canal allows it to collect sounds in the same manner your ears were designed to. This means clearer and more natural listening.

Adding to the benefits of the Lyric’s inconspicuousness is that it is completely hassle free. The Lyric is water resistant and equipped with a battery that allows this powerful device to be work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time. That’s right, the Lyric is invisible and doesn’t need to be touched for months, even while you sleep and shower. You might even forget you have hearing loss!

Meet the Signia Silk

The Signia Silk is also an extremely discreet option for those with hearing loss. Similar to the Lyric, the Silk sits deep within the ear canal making it almost impossible to detect. What makes the Silk special is it’s soft-silicone “click sleeves” in three sizes which ensures comfort for all wearers without the need to wait (and pay) for custom hearing aids.

Silk hearing aids are also powerful and smart. Boasting Signia’s signature features such as SpeechMaster and EchoShield, the Silk hearing aids have been clinically proven to reduce listening effort. Silk hearing aids are also equipped with easyTek technology allowing users to directly stream music or conversations from any Bluetooth enabled devices directly into their hearing aids.

Meet the SoundLens Synergy by Starkey

Like the other hearing aids on this list, SoundLens devices are Invisible-In-Canal (IIC), which mean they are hidden in the ear canal. Despite their miniature size, SoundLens hearing aids are packed with powerful features including Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, feedback cancellation systems, and wireless technologies.

SoundLens hearing aids are also extremely comfortable because they are custom made to perfectly fit the size and shape of your unique ear canal. Enjoy the benefits of effort free listening, while keeping your hearing loss unseen by others.

Are Invisible-In-Canal Hearing Aids Right for Everyone?

While exciting, these types of discreet hearing aids are not right for every person with hearing loss. People with more severe hearing loss may not be candidates for these types of hearing aids. Also, many people with smaller or narrower ear canals will not be able to fit these types of devices – unless they are custom made.

Want to See for Yourself?

While these three aids are impressive, they are by no means the only options in discreet hearing aids. Most manufacturers, and most hearing aid lines have discreet styles available.

If you’d like to check out any of these or other sleek hearing aids available, reach out to our friendly team at Atlanta Hearing Doctor. Despite popular belief, it is completely possible to enjoy both the benefits of treating hearing loss, as well as keep up your appearance.

Schedule your free hearing assessment with Atlanta Hearing Doctor and find out which hearing aid option is perfect for your hearing profile, lifestyle and budget. We look forward to hearing from you.