Getting the Most from Your Hearing Aid Batteries

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Getting the Most from Your Hearing Aid Batteries
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Getting the Most from Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Is anything worse than a low battery alert when you’re out for the day without a spare set of batteries? It can be frustrating to worry about your battery life every time you leave the house, or stress that your batteries will die in the middle of dinner with friends. We have good news! With batteries that use less power and still deliver all the features you need, you can hear worry free.


What Reduces Battery Life?

How long your batteries will last is unique to each person. More severe hearing loss requires greater amplification and means more power is consumed. The environment is another factor. When in noisy settings, many features will activate to help you hear better. This includes noise reduction, directional microphones, and feedback cancellation, which reduces battery life. A quiet week at home will stretch your battery life while a weekend with family at the beach will drain the battery faster. Size also determines battery life. Larger hearing aids have bigger batteries and have a longer life.

The biggest drain on power are the advanced features of your hearing aid. While automatic programs such as noise cancellation or feedback reduction reduce battery life by about 20%, programs like tinnitus control or Bluetooth connectivity can increase the power consumption of your hearing aid by 300%!

We don’t want you to compromise your hearing to save your battery. At Atlanta Hearing Doctor, we provide hearing aids that give you advanced features and a long-lasting battery. New advancements in battery technology happen every day. For example, the current sixe 10 batteries have twice the energy as the first size 10 batteries made by Rayovac in 1986.


Phonax Hearing Aids

When it comes to powerful hearing aids that consume less power, look no further than Phonax hearing aids. Their new technologies reduce power consumption, saving your battery life. Phonax will automatically adjust to your hearing environment to provide you with the best hearing experience in noise, and save battery life in quiet settings. With advanced features such as music listening programs, and the Phonak EasyCall to connect wirelessly to your phone, Phonax is finding ways to reduce power usage so that you have long battery life even with the small batteries for In-the-Ear or In-The-Canal models.


Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens offers powerful hearing aids that fit any lifestyle. They boast reliability with a quality battery that fits any hearing aid. Siemens batteries maintain a constant voltage level in any listening situation, so you always have the best performance with no distortions. Other features include directional speech enhancements, a telecoil to receive loop broadcasts, and Tinnitus Noiser, a program that produces blocking sounds to relieve tinnitus. With a longer battery life than ever before, Siemens uses less battery while delivering high quality features.


Tips to prolong your battery life

To get the most out of your batteries, always store them at room temperature, and avoid places with low or high humidity. Keep them in their original packaging, and remove the tabs only when ready to use. After removing the tab, let the batteries sit for 60 seconds to expose them to air. This allows them to charge, and gives you 25% longer battery life! At night, turn the hearing aids off and open the battery doors to prolong the life of the batteries.

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