Hearing Aids for Better Speech and Hearing Month

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Hearing Aids for Better Speech and Hearing Month
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Hearing Aids for Better Speech and Hearing Month

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! Since 1927, May has been a month to bring attention to communication disorders including language disorders, speech sound disorders, and communication disorders. This also includes hearing loss. The Better Speech and Hearing Month raises awareness of the causes of hearing loss, prevention and treatment options, and hearing health. The focus of this year’s Better Speech and Hearing Month is on early intervention.

About 48 million Americans struggle with hearing loss, from children to seniors. Hearing loss, whether caused by natural aging, by overexposure to loud noises, or by other factors, affects all aspects of life. Speech sounds become indistinct, and hearing in high ranges is reduced or lost. Straining to hear speech in conversation leads to feelings of isolation and can lead to depression or earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Telephone conversations become increasingly challenging, and simple tasks like driving or shopping become difficult or impossible. Sleeping through alarms or struggling with ringing in the ears means that your hearing affects much more than just your ears.


New to Hearing Aids

Have you ever had your hearing tested? Do you work in a noisy environment, or are you over the age of 60? Do you have any of the signs of hearing loss? This is the month to get your hearing tested! In May audiologists host promotions to encourage early screening and treatment of hearing loss. Early detection of hearing problems leads to better health outcomes and improved quality of life. If you treat hearing loss early, rate of decay will be reduced, both in your ears and in your brain. If left untreated, hearing will rapidly decrease. Treating your hearing loss early means improved health outcomes, as well as reduced health costs.

Hearing aids make it possible to understand conversations in both quiet and noisy settings. Hearing all the sounds in the world around you, both high and low sounds, gives you good spatial awareness and a natural hearing environment. With hearing aids, you experience less listening fatigue, are able to maintain social interactions with ease, and can stay independent and confident in everyday tasks. Enjoy music as it was meant to be heard and have easy phone conversations by getting fitted for a hearing aid!


Updating Your Hearing Aid

Have you had a hearing aid for a few years? Hearing aids will last from three to seven years or longer. But there are many reasons to upgrade to new hearing aids. Hearing aid technology advances every day! Each year new platforms are released, with new features that enhance the hearing aid, improving the performance and quality. These come complete with new features that fit your listening preferences.

Other reasons to change your hearing aid is a change in lifestyle or change in your hearing. If you’ve changed jobs, moved to a new neighborhood, or had a new addition to the family, your hearing needs will also change. So should your hearing aid! Hearing also deteriorates over time, so get retested today and consider upgrading to a hearing aid that fits your needs.


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