Hunters Target Custom-Fit Hearing Protection

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Hunters Target Custom-Fit Hearing Protection

When a hunter lines up that perfect shot, or is just out for some shooting practice, what happens to their poorly protected ear drums? In this article we’re going to take a look at the kind of excessive noise exposure that hunting involves when silencers aren’t in the picture. We’re also going to talk a bit about how new modern custom-fit hearing protection works its wonders. Let’s get started!

The Sound of a Gun Blast

The older models of ear protection are fine if you don’t mind wearing the cheap headsets that fail to really protect the delicate muscle tissues and “drums” within the ears. On a hunt these aren’t really practical because then ambient sounds go away and situational awareness suffers. Furthermore, they tend to come in one-size-fits-all variations which aren’t ideal.

Consider this: one of the loudest sounds on earth that human beings create is the sound of a rocket taking off from a launch pad, perhaps in Cape Canaveral. The crushing force of sound weighs in at 180 decibels. Now, when a hunter pulls the trigger the sound that the gun makes is only 40 decibels less and that’s not a whole lot. That’s the equivalent of a jet engine!

How Much is Too Much?

Many folks mistakenly believe that because most hunting involves a few quick bursts or perhaps just one or two strategic shots, there’s really no danger of permanent hearing loss. The truth is that just isn’t true. Any human being can irreparably injure their ear drums instantly when decibels reach 130 (which is less than a typical gunshot).

Of course it all depends on what type of firearm is being used along with the specific variety of ammunition, but this is precisely why modern custom-fit hearing protection devices were created.

  • The technology behind products like digital hearing protection for shooting is designed to handle high-level noise impacts while also providing ambient amplification.
  • Low-level sounds aren’t taken out of the situation. Instead, they’re enhanced so that prey can be detected and zeroed in on.
  • They instantly detect noise levels and adjust them accordingly to ensure a smooth and safe hearing experience.

Some devices are designed for continuous loud noise, some devices are for pulses, while others provide enough protection for both.

What Are the Benefits to Custom-Molded Earplugs?

There are six concrete benefits to choosing modern models over the cheap disposable ear plugs or the one-size-fits-all headsets. Here they are in brief without all the technical mumbo jumbo.

  1. Perfect Fit: They don’t come in cheap little bags off the shelf. Instead, they’re made in highly specialized laboratories that make sure the ear canal, concha and helix parts of the ear of accurately protected. The makers have a vested interest in the success of these products for individual users, and that alone makes all the difference.
  2. Quality: Without a doubt the materials are of much higher quality and value. This goes without saying.
  3. Versatile: Instead of being, “what you see is what you get” custom-fit hearing protection can be changed and molded as necessary to ensure a perfect fit along the way.
  4. Longer Lasting: Because of their quality, as long as they’re properly taken care of these little miracle workers can last a good while.
  5. Appropriate: Custom-fit hearing protection for hunters is made especially for hunting, not for working on construction sites or for rock concerts.
  6. Comfort Level: After the initial “break-in” period where the user is adjusting to the new piece, they’re really comfortable. They won’t make the ear sore. They fit your specific ears perfectly without creating undue pressure.


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