Losing Your Edge… or Could It Be Your Hearing?

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Experts agree that one of the most effective ways to boost cognitive function is to maintain a healthy social network.  But the challenge of understanding and following conversation in social settings often causes people with hearing loss to drop out of an active life.

“When people are experiencing hearing loss, the extra effort needed to decipher words and keep track of who is speaking can be mentally exhausting,  because they can’t keep up with the give-and-take of everyday social and business interactions, they assume they are losing their edge.”

Dr. Wynens recommends that before investing in electronic games and gadgets to tone up cognitive muscles, adults who feel they are not “keeping up” should consider a hearing check-up.   With the many discreet advanced technology hearing solutions now available, there is no reason why anyone should allow untreated hearing loss to drain away energy that could be used  to stay engaged and active.

Dr. Wynens has recently begun to fit patients with the new Oticon Agil hearing instruments.  Agil is the first hearing instrument designed to enable people with hearing loss to minimize the cognitive energy expended in typical listening environments without compromising speech understanding.

Agil processes sound the way the human auditory system naturally does.
By preserving natural speech cues, less energy is needed to translate and interpret the meaning of sounds – allowing the brain to perform other important cognitive tasks.

Staying connected to modern life through high-tech communication and entertainment devices is another way that people experiencing hearing loss can maintain an active, vital lifestyle.   New Oticon Agil connects wirelessly to TVs, cell and landline phones and other popular devices through the Oticon Streamer, an optional accessory that resembles a sleek MP3 music player.  With increasing regulation of cell phone use while driving, I find that patients especially like Agil’s ‘hands free’ cell phone option.

The  Oticon Agil can accommodate approximately 90 percent of hearing losses. The new hearing solution is available in a range of styles  – from  small mini behind-the-ear device that is almost invisible on the ear to a tiny CIC model that is worn completely in the ear canal.  Call today (404) 252-7528, to schedule your “risk free” two week trial with the new Oticon Agil.