Milestones in Hearing Technology

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The first devices created to assist those with hearing loss appeared in the 17th century and were called “ear trumpets.” Due to the stigma associated with the condition since that time, “ear trumpets” were often hidden in fans, integrated into walking sticks and some were even camouflaged as diamond-encrusted pieces of jewelry.

By the 1920s, hearing aids were developed that were small enough to carry in a handbag, and by the 1940s, the first pocket devices were introduced. In the early 1960s, the behind-the-ear device (BTE) was developed and has since then undergone rapid innovation as microelectronics has progressed.

Today’s hearing aids work with digital technology and are equipped with powerful computer chips, ensuring better sound quality, wireless connectivity, modern design and ever smaller dimensions to help users wear their hearing aids with minimal detection.