New Phonak Nano Invisible Device

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Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.

Dr. Maria Wynens is known in the Atlanta area as the “audiologist in cowboy boots” – but she would prefer patients remember her as the Doctor that is here for them today, helping them hear tomorrow. For more than 28 years Dr. Wynens, the Atlanta Hearing Doctor, has been pursuing her passion of improving people’s lives one ear at a time.
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.

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Let your hearing aids go unnoticed – just wear and enjoy!

Phonak nano is more than just a tiny hearing aid.  It is an outstanding combination of maximum hearing performance and minimum size.
Using computer-aided design and the latest generation of advanced materials, Phonak nano is custom crafted to fit entirely in your ear canal.  Enjoy wearing comfort while consistently experiencing outstanding sound quality.

The Phonak nano is for mild to moderate hearing loss, and is available in two price and performance levels to suit your personal preferences or budget.