New Siemens Hearing Aids are Waterproof

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New Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aids are Waterproof

The new Aquaris waterproof hearing aids from Siemens Hearing Instruments have taken the recent industry trend toward more durable, water-resistant hearing aids to a whole new level. Siemens says the Aquaris hearing aids are fully waterproof to depths of three feet for up to 30 minutes.

The new hearing aids promise to eliminate the repair problems associated with sweat, dirt and humidity, in addition to expanding their functionality.  Siemens has even developed a sound-processing program that can be switched on while swimming to help the hearing aids adapt to the sound of water splashing and other acoustic challenges.

As with its other latest-generation hearing aids, Siemens equipped Aquaris with its BestSound Technology, which improves speech understanding, the wearer is able to make adjustments using Siemens “Tek” and “miniTek” remote operation, and the hearing aids link wirelessly with modern communication and entertainment electronic devices.