New Technology for Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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The latest hearing aids news is out and it is blaring loud and clear! A new era for hearing aids has begun with the introduction of a new breed of rechargeable hearing aids that are made possible with ZPower’s revolutionary technology!

Award Winning Innovation

ZPower’s award-winning design couldn’t have been invented at a better time. Even Time Magazine says that what most Americans need these days is not smarter watches, sharper televisions, connected refrigerators, or virtual reality glasses; it is better batteries! A recent MarkeTrak study supports this, finding that the market need is centering on rechargeable batteries in today’s digital age. More so, rechargeable hearing aids has long been at the top of every hearing aid user’s wish list.

The new hearing aid system won a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honor in the category of outstanding design and engineering for consumer electronics for its creator, ZPower LLC of Camarillo, California. The new technology for turning existing or new hearing aids into fully rechargeable devices was developed as a response to the growing need for a similar product in the hearing aid market.

The Perfect Time for Rechargeable Batteries

The desire for longer and better battery life is not a new concept, especially for hearing aid users. In recent years, users have observed that their hearing aid batteries are not lasting as long as they used to. A reduced battery life is a common predicament for most hearing users because of the increased energy need for wireless devices. The use of wireless technologies drain batteries a lot faster, making the average battery usage shrink from lasting for about a week or two to just a few days.

With the average hearing aid battery having to be replaced more often, problems have been rising. For busy individuals, having to replace battery frequently (at about 100 times a year!) means inconvenience, more so when the battery dies at the middle of a meeting or at an inopportune moment. Let’s also not forget that batteries are not recyclable, making the 1.5 million hearing aid batteries going to U.S. landfills yearly just a starting number unless a solution is found.

The New ZPower Technology

ZPower began looking into the possible commercial use of silver-zinc batteries in 1997 after observing its use in military and aerospace technologies. By 2007, they started collaborating with hearing aid companies to develop better batteries that can be used for hearing devices. This resulted in a silver-zinc battery that can be integrated into existing or new hearing aids to convert them into rechargeable ones.

Now, it is true that a very small number of rechargeable hearing aids already exists in the market; however, they are not so popular amongst users and hearing care professionals because of cost, poor reliability, and short charge times.

The new ZPower Rechargeable System is changing the above for hearing care professionals and hearing aid users alike with the following features:

  • State-of-the-art silver-zinc material for the ZPower battery offers a guaranteed full day of charge. Batteries that feature other combinations such as nickel-metal hybrid runs out of charge in just a few hours.
  • Easy recharging and long lasting. The ZPower battery charges overnight and can be used for more than 24 hours on a single charge. It is also good for a full year before needing a replacement. The charger is fool-proof and if the user forgets or damages the charger, the system also works with a standard zinc-air battery.
  • No more frequent fumbling with hearing aid batteries again. With this new technology, patients only need to have their hearing aid battery replaced by their hearing doctor once a year. This especially benefits the elderly and the very young users of hearing aids who may not have the dexterity to replace batteries frequently.
  • Environmentally friendly innovation. Because the ZPower battery is fully recyclable, fewer batteries will be going to landfills.

ZPower CEO Ross E. Dueber Ph.D shares that they wanted to make charging hearing aid batteries to be as easy as charging your smartphone by developing a system that aims to improve the quality of life of hearing aid users.

We’re excited to find out how this ZPower technology can dramatically improve your life. Have any questions about the latest hearing aid technologies and wanting to find out which one is best for you? Schedule an appointment or contact Atlanta Hearing Doctor today!

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