On March 3, Celebrate World Hearing Day by Checking Your Hearing!

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All About World Hearing Day

The Who

World Hearing Day is hosted and promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO). The World Health Organization is a specialized agency with the United Nations that is concerned with public health issues on an international scale.

The What

World Hearing Day is a time that promotes education and advocacy around issues concerning ear and hearing health. Each year the World Health Organization distinguishes a theme for World Hearing Day. The theme for 2019 is very simple and straight forward, “Get Your Hearing Checked!”

The When

The first ever World Hearing Day was announced in 2007 at an international hearing conference in Beijing, China. Since then, World Hearing Day has been held and celebrated on March 3rd of every year. This date was specifically chosen because March 3rd (3-3) resembles the look of two ears!

The Where

Because the World Health Organization is a worldwide initiative, and because hearing loss and deafness effects every community throughout the globe, World Hearing Day can be celebrated anywhere on planet earth.

The Why

The World Health Organization concerns itself with health concerns that affect us on an international scale, and hearing loss is certainly one of those issue. Hearing loss currently effects hundreds of millions of people internationally, including millions of children. This number is expected to grow dramatically, and the World Health Organization understands the importance of spreading awareness about hearing related health and prevention.

World Hearing Day Facts and Figures

At the moment, there are about 446,000,000 (446 million) people living with hearing loss severe enough to be considered disabling. This includes about 36 million children. While this number is staggering, it is expected to grow exponentially. In only about 30 years, it is estimated that people living with disabling hearing loss will grow to an astonishing 900,000,000 (900 million). At this point, 1-in-10 persons on the planet will be living with disabling hearing loss. On top of this, the WHO estimates that over a billion young people (aged 12-35) are at risk of developing hearing loss as a result of their noisy leisure activities including personal listening devices.

Hearing loss is a global concern, that can affect us at any age, anywhere in the world. It is estimated that the current cost of global hearing loss is about $750,000,000,000 (750 billion dollars).

World Hearing Day 2019 “Get Your Hearing Checked!”

This year, the theme for World Hearing Day is “Get Your Hearing Checked!” The reason the WHO chose this theme is to promote the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss – regardless of one’s age. This year’s theme aims to spread the important message that the earlier you get your hearing tested, the earlier you can begin a hearing healthcare treatment plan, and the earlier you can reap all of the many benefits associated with treating your hearing loss.

Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

There are many benefits of treating hearing loss that permeate far beyond your ears. The scientific community has been studying the benefits of treating hearing loss for decades, and have found some very powerful results. Treating hearing loss has been found to improve our careers by enhancing our workplace productivity and earning potential. Treating hearing loss has been found to improve our emotional health by improving our relationships with those closest to us as well as our social lives in general. Treating hearing loss also has a profoundly positive impact on our cognitive and physical health as well. Research has found that wearing hearing aids may actually slow the rate of cognitive decline in older adults as well as reduce the risk for slips and falls that result in serious injury.

Get Your Hearing Checked Today!

If you or someone you love may be experiencing some of the early signs of hearing loss, it is imperative that your reach out to a hearing healthcare professional for a comprehensive hearing test! What a better time than now to get a hearing screen, to celebrate World Hearing Day! Celebrations are always more fun with our loved ones around, so invite a friend to come along with you. If you are in the Atlanta area, feel free to reach out to our friendly team at Atlanta Hearing Doctor today.