Oticon’s New Invisible Hearing Solution

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The Atlanta Hearing Doctor is proud to work with the world’s most innovative hearing aid manufacturers. Every year technology develops, and miniaturization enables hearing aid design to become smaller and smaller. The Atlanta Hearing Doctor is delighted to announce the launch of a new invisible hearing aid from Oticon called Intigai.

Oticon’s most invisible hearing solution ever. Oticon Intigai is designed to be unnoticeable to everyone, including the wearer themselves.

Intigai is specially designed and shaped to fit comfortably inside the ear canal so that no one can see it, or even realise it is being worn, leaving the wearer with all the benefits and enjoyment of fabulous hearing but without drawing any attention to the hearing loss.

Oticon reports that Intigai is designed in such a way that it is not only out of sight, but also out of mind. Using the natural curvature of the ear, Oticon Intigai captures sound in the same way that our ears were designed to do. Intigai gently preserves and amplifies sounds so that hearing is always clear – and wearers are free to participate confidently in all communication situations.  There have been a few other versions of this hearing aid size, the Phonak Nano, the Starkey Otolens, and the Siemens iMini.  There are also exteneded wear IIC hearing aids such as the Phonak Lyric.

As Intigai fits invisibly in the ear, wearers are free to use all the latest modern day devices such as telephones, TV and iPods with total freedom.

At the Atlanta Hearing Doctor we continually focus on offering the very latest hearing aid technologies from the world leading hearing aid manufacturers. It goes without saying that we have a great range of modern hearing devices at affordable prices but when it comes to invisible hearing aids Intigai from Oticon really is one of the most exciting developments to hit the market!

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