Common Hearing Myths

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In America nearly 40 million people have hearing loss. There’s a good chance that either you or someone in your family is struggling to hear, so you might think you know all there is to know about hearing loss. But how many of these common hearing myths did you think where true? Myth: I’d Know If I had Hearing Loss … Read More

Earwax May Be the Culprit of Hearing Loss among Assisted Living Residents

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People in assisted living facilities can face a variety of challenges to their physical and mental well-being. Moreover, it can often be difficult to assess the needs of people in such facilities because their impediments make it difficult to communicate. Untreated hearing loss can play a large and oftentimes unsuspecting role in the wellbeing of people in assisted living facilities, … Read More

Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids in 2018

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Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Throughout the past few years, there has been an increased interest in rechargeable hearing aids. This makes perfect sense, especially considering all of the positive benefits of switching to rechargeable devices. Just like your phone or laptop, rechargeable hearing aids can be powered-up each night as you sleep, allowing you to enjoy an entire day of improved hearing without fussing … Read More

4 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

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4 Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is more common than you might think. In fact, it’s one of the top causes of death among older adults, along with cardiovascular disease and cancer. September is World Alzheimer’s Month, and Alzheimer’s Disease International spends this month raising awareness about Alzheimer’s and other dementias, as well as encouraging seniors to do the right thing for their brain. … Read More

Hearing Loss & Your Heart Health

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Hearing Loss & Your Heart Health

Funny that you can’t spell “heart” without “ear” right? As research has found, the fate of our ears and our hearts may be just as tied together as their spelling. In study after study, poor cardiac health is linked to a higher incidence of hearing loss. In some cases, coronary disease is connected to a doubling a person’s risk for … Read More

Hearing Loss and Millennials

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Often, young people consider hearing loss as something they may have to confront as they age. Unfortunately, the reality is that hearing challenges can come up much earlier and permanent hearing loss is starting to skew much younger. Millennials, uniquely positioned amidst the past few decades of technological revolution and urban development are already starting to deal with the ramifications … Read More

New technology can help people with hearing loss better understand speech

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New technology can help people with hearing loss better understand speech

While hearing technology has improved dramatically in the past several decades, some situations are special challenges. With healthy hearing, the auditory system has a complex, instantaneous ability to prioritize some sounds over others, making it easier to focus on single conversations or listen for specific sound cues. In contrast, noisy environments are still the biggest challenge for hearing aids to … Read More

Preventing Elder Abuse for Those with Hearing Loss

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Preventing Elder Abuse for Those with Hearing Loss

Last month, June, was Elder Abuse Awareness Month, with the intention to bring focus to and rectify the maltreatment of older people. According to the World Health Organization, “Roughly one in six people over the age of 60 experienced abuse in the last year. The incidence of abuse is increasing, as many countries, including the US, have populations aging rapidly. … Read More

Preparing for Retirement with Hearing Loss

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Preparing for Retirement with Hearing Loss

Whether you are winding down a long career or just beginning to put together your retirement plan, it’s never too soon to factor your hearing into your retirement. The simple fact is that as we age, our hearing becomes increasingly vulnerable to significant hearing loss and hearing loss can take a big toll on your health and quality of life. … Read More

Preschool Teachers Are at Risk for Hearing Loss

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Preschool Teachers are at risk for Hearing Loss

When thinking about the profession of preschool teaching, we might associate it with a lot of singing, a minute or two of napping, giggles and a lot of stress. However, along with these other factors, preschool teachers may actually also be at a higher risk for developing hearing loss. Shockingly, a recent study out of London found that about 7 … Read More