Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids now at Atlanta Hearing Doctor

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Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids now at Atlanta Hearing Doctor
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If you’ve heard of Sonic Hearing Aids before, that’s because Sonic Digital Hearing Aids (otherwise known as Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids) are currently one of the best available in the market today. Sonic Innovations has been offering cochlear implants and digital hearing aids for about a decade and is known for producing high quality hearing care products designed to significantly enhance hearing.

Quality and Technology You Can Trust

Sonic focuses on developing advanced technologies that are instrumental for addressing problems associated with hearing loss. These innovations (such as their latest Speech Variable Processing technology), are built into the various models and types of hearing aids that Sonic Innovations are currently offering.

Each model or type of assistive hearing device in the Sonic collection have their own attributes, features, and benefits. Benefits such as wireless connectivity options and binaural processing characterize the company’s products, making them optimized for a modern digital lifestyle. These factors and more makes Sonic Hearing Aids possibly the best hearing solution for each individual person with varying needs.

Sonic Innovations recognizes that each individual requires a different blend of aesthetics, technologies, and features. They understand that these differences can vastly affect how one can experience and enjoy life. This is why the company has quite a range of products featuring different technology levels and designs to help individuals with a hearing problem relish the sounds that makes everyday life more enjoyable.

To give you an idea on which Sonic Hearing Aids would be the right fit for you, take a look below:

Bliss Hearing Aids

Not willing to sacrifice aesthetics for function? Get to experience the joy of experiencing a world full of wonderful sounds (again) with the technologies and features built-in in Bliss. This hearing aid is as discreet and small as can be; available in the nearly invisible Bliss IIC and the ultra-discreet Bliss miniBTE. With Sonic Bliss, no one has to know you’re wearing a hearing aid!

  • Packed with amazing technologies and features.
  • Emphasizes speech understanding.
  • Provides hands-free operation in most situations.
  • Intuitive design that’s easy to operate.
  • Delivers outstanding natural sounds.
  • Features sophisticated style.
Charm Hearing Aids

Wouldn’t it be a charming life if you can find a hearing solution that offers just the right type and amount of features that you’re looking for? You’ll be charmed indeed by Charm’s natural appeal. Sonic Hearing Aid’s Charm is available in ITC, CIC, ITE, and the almost invisible IIC model. You’ll definitely love the pure and simple allure of Charm!

  • Simple and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Connects with everyday wireless devices.
  • Features intuitive operations.
  • Reduces noise to deliver rich and natural sounds.
Celebrate Hearing Aids

Are you someone who is a bit techy and desires advanced technologies in your hearing care products? Then Celebrate might be just right for you. Designed to cater to individuals who need a hearing product that can help them with the events and demands of everyday life; Celebrate is available in miniRITE, miniBITE, ITC, ITE, IIC, and CIC models and would be great for students and professionals. That’s a good reason to celebrate!

  • Comes in discrete styles with wireless connectivity to Android and iPhone smartphones.
  • Delivers clear and natural sounds.
  • Suppresses background noise.
  • Automatically adjusts to surroundings.
Cheer Hearing Aids

A reason for individuals with mild to moderately severe hearing loss to cheer is Sonic Innovation’s Cheer family of devices. They are offered in a mix of technologies and styles that you can choose from. Cheer is available in CIC, ITCD, ITED, CICPW plus 4 BTE models so you can get exactly what you need. Fantastic for just about anyone!

  • Comes in 3 levels of technology.
  • Wireless connectivity for most models
  • Specialized for high frequencies.
  • Features noise reduction technology at is finest.
Journey Hearing Aids

The journey to find the right hearing solution can be a very challenging one for individuals with extreme hearing loss. The Journey Power BTE is designed to deliver a world of features that gives people with extreme hearing loss connectivity, convenience, and confidence so that they can keep going the distance and enjoy the possibilities life brings.

  • Works great in any noise environment.
  • Delivers clear natural sounds.
  • Comes with the best of Sonic Innovations hearing technologies.
Flip Hearing Aids

Flipping for joy would be the last thing you’ll be expecting to do when you need some hearing assistance, but Flip offers just the right amount of hearing help and surprising features that’s bound to flip what you think about hearing aids. This tiny IRC from Sonic is so easy to use, so compact, and so jam-packed with features that it’s just what you need if you want a hearing aid that can keep up with your busy and energetic lifestyle.

  • Connects with cellphones.
  • Has accessible volume control.
  • Separates background sound from speech.
  • Cancels feedback.
  • Comes with Sonic’s Speech Variable Processing Technology.
  • The most compact RIC that’s on a league of its own.
  • Size 13 battery performs for a full week.
Pep Hearing Aids

Time for very active individuals with newly-diagnosed hearing loss to rejoice! Pep is the Sonic Hearing Aid for you! This hearing aid is available in ITE and BTE models that’s designed to mesh well with active lifestyles.

  • Comes in various modern and stylish designs to fit a variety of lifestyles.
  • Includes the latest digital technologies for increased hearing comfort and improved overall hearing.
  • Available in 4 different colors to match or blend with your skin or hair.
  • Best suited for first-time users of hearing aids.

To find out which hearing instruments would be ideal to meet your needs, consulting with a hearing care professional such as a hearing doctor is best.

Sonic Innovations takes pride in developing and providing smart hearing solutions to help individuals with hearing loss regain the joy of being able to experience sounds naturally again. The company aims to deliver a positive hearing experience to individuals with hearing loss – a commitment that’s reflected in the products and services they offer in over 30 countries worldwide.

Looking for the best hearing aids for your needs? Consult Atlanta Hearing Doctor to find out which hearing aid styles  will work best for you. Contact Dr. Maria Wynens today for professional personalized hearing care and assessment.

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