SoundLens – The Visible Difference in Invisible Hearing Aids

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SoundLens – The Visible Difference in Invisible Hearing Aids
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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SoundLens – The Visible Difference in Invisible Hearing Aids

Engineered to perfection, Starkey’s SoundLens is still the smallest and most advanced invisible hearing aid in the market today; but is it the right hearing aid for you?

Your choice of assistive hearing device speaks volumes about what’s important to you and how you are managing hearing loss. Being hearing impaired should not stand in the way of you striving for what’s best in both your personal and professional life. Invisible hearing aids allows you to be more and achieve more, particularly when you’re wearing the right one for your needs.

Should You Go for CIC or IIC?

A lot of assistive hearing devices are being described as invisible hearing aids these days, but the fact remains that only a select few delivers on being truly invisible.

CICs or Completely-In Canal-hearing aids are often not truly invisible. At their very best, they only offer a very discreet option. On the other hand, we’ve got IICs or the Invisible-In-Canal hearing aids, the sort of assistive hearing device that someone a foot away from you will not be able to detect even when they’re trying. Completely invisible, IICs are truly revolutionary because they allow individuals with mild to moderately severe hearing loss to function and look like just like anyone without a hearing impairment.

The SoundLens Advantage

SoundLens is the top IIC or Invisible-In-Canal hearing aid nowadays not just because it sits at a perfect spot deep in your ear canal that allows it to be hidden from view. When you’re wearing SoundLens, there is really almost no way anyone would be able to see that you’re wearing an invisible hearing aid unless you tell them so. SoundLens invisible hearing aids also packs a lot of amazing features. Imagine a state-of-the-art hearing aid that:

  • Self-adjusts according to your volume preferences. The technology behind this invisible hearing aid actually learns what you like and automatically applies it when in a similar location and situation.
  • Replicates high frequency sounds to lower frequencies so that you can hear them clearer, crisper, and better.
  • Features up to 5 levels of personalization so you can customize it to your personal requirements.
  • Has up to 16 channels offering a range of frequencies that allows you to program your hearing aid to suit your hearing needs.
  • Can do noise reduction like no other, in fact, up to 20 decibels!
  • Eliminates feedback through Purewave Technology by getting rid of the whistling feedback noises that occurs with other hearing aids.
  • Allows you to experience Audioscape! A technology that recognizes your environment’s noise patterns to make sure that speech is prioritized. If you decide to have Starkey SoundLens 9 and 11, your hearing aid will even automatically adjust to your preferred settings.
  • Offers SoundLens 11 that features 3D Speech Mapping. This allows your audiologist to check and see how your hearing aid processes sounds in real time.

Starkey’s SoundLens and Your Hearing Doctor

Because SoundLens is completely customized to the wearer, the technology’s full benefits can only be achieved when it is fitted properly. It will have to sit very close to your ear drum and be comfortable enough to wear for the whole day (otherwise, what’s the point, right?). Your hearing doctor will have to be someone who perfectly understands exactly just how important it is to take the most accurate ear impression to be able to customize your hearing aid so that it will sit comfortably and be completely invisible inside your ear.

Here are some pointers on choosing the best hearing healthcare provider to help you with SoundLens:

  • Choose a hearing doctor with a great track record and patient feedback.
  • Choose a hearing doctor who understands the product well.
  • Choose a hearing doctor who is 100% committed to giving you the best possible hearing experience, even if it is not what you want to hear about (no pun intended!).
  • Most importantly, go for a hearing doctor who is experienced in taking a deep ear impression for the best fit possible! After all, a custom personalized fit starts with a good mold!

Please note that a great hearing doctor will honestly let you know if the shape of your ear canal isn’t compatible with the Starkey SoundLens invisible hearing aid. Because the device will be retained inside your ear for most of the day, your ear canals have to have the right curvature for the hearing aid to be completely invisible and be comfortable to wear.

Interested with how Starkey’s SoundLens can make a difference in your life? Contact Atlanta Hearing Doctor today!  Dr. Maria Wynens will be able to assist you with any questions and concerns you may have about this amazing invisible hearing aid and other types of hearing aids you may be interested in. Remember, the path to good hearing starts with listening to you!