Speech Guard E

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Speech Guard E  is in the new Alta Hearing Devices.

What is it?  Speech Guard E is a refined amplification strategy that makes sounds clearer and more natural sounding without “hearing” the device change volume as the volume of the world around changes.

In stable sound environments, the system responds slowly and simply makes sound clear and undistorted, allowing your hearing to work as it should. This results in a clear, stable and intact signal that the brain can decode with as little listening effort as possible.

Automatic adjustments

When the sound environment changes abruptly – due to a change in the discussion you are taking part in or a door slamming nearby – the volume adjusts swiftly and automatically, to keep the sound from becoming too loud and uncomfortable or disappearing unnaturally.

Helping to make the world and all its sounds as clear and distinct as possible allows your hearing system to work the way it was meant to work: smoothly, efficiently and automatically.

Speech Guard E

With Speech Guard E, a premium technology only featured in Alta and Alta Pro, performance is taken to the next level. The “E” refers to the elevated performance as a result of the expanded window for speech dynamics and the reduced effort required to understand speech.

This makes it easier for Alta users to select and switch between speakers, and follow and engage in conversations – even in challenging, noisy environments – intuitively and with less effort.