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Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.

Dr. Maria Wynens is known in the Atlanta area as the “audiologist in cowboy boots” – but she would prefer patients remember her as the Doctor that is here for them today, helping them hear tomorrow. For more than 28 years Dr. Wynens, the Atlanta Hearing Doctor, has been pursuing her passion of improving people’s lives one ear at a time.
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.

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Starkey AMP — Invisible Hearing Aid

Starkey Laboratories’ new AMP Personal Audio Amplifier is a tiny new invisible hearing aid designed “for people who aren’t ready for a hearing aid.”  The new hearing aid is an affordable, cosmetically appealing solution that does a good job correcting mild or moderate hearing loss. At a suggested retail price of $750 a piece, the Starkey AMP hearing aid is designed to make it simple for audiologists to send patients home with their first hearing aids after their first visit–without busting their budgets.

The tiny Starkey AMP hearing aid fits deep enough within the average ear canal to be virtually invisible, and is an entry-level solution for people just starting to have trouble with their hearing. Its programming software comes with four preset starting points to make it easy for audiologists to tune the four-channel device to meet the individual requirements of patients with the most common form of mild, mainly high-frequency hearing loss. And a one-size-fits-most design–with an innovative “elastomeric sleeve” that can be adjusted to different sizes of ear canals and that also promotes airflow to prevent occlusion–enables audiologists to do without ear mold impressions and fit an off-the-shelf product that the patient can start wearing the same day.