Technology Enhances Active Lifestyles.

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Technology Enhances Active Lifestyles.

Technology enhances active lifestyles and is unveiling itself in more and more astounding ways every day now it seems. From asteroid mining and nanotechnology, to colonizing Mars or virtual reality! My goodness. What hits close to home for me are the amazing custom hearing protection products that are coming out these days.

In this article, we’re going to talk a little bit about this stuff because it’s actually quite interesting and applies to so many different kinds of folks out there. At the end of the day these are personalized pieces of technology that enable active lifestyles to enhance their environments while protecting their hearing.

Example #1: The Hunter and the Gun Blast.

Picture your average outdoorsy-type of guy that loves to go hunting and invests in all that hunting requires. Along with the supplies, ammo, weaponry, etc. these men get custom hearing protection devices that make it so they don’t go deaf from all the shooting and target practice. They don’t want big headphone looking contraptions! These devices perfectly fit this kind of lifestyle.

Example #2: The Love of the Races

Everybody loves a good race, especially NASCAR fans or those that just enjoy the monster truck rallies or motorcycle/sports car races. But, let’s face it, it can get really loud. Without looking odd they can protect their hearing and thoroughly enjoy the show!

Example #3: The Concert Fanatic

This goes for all kinds of recitals and concerts, from rock to symphonic. Some or much louder and more harmful than others, but the quality of the hearing protection products these days can actually enhance the experience! Instead of that band being overbearing, they get toned down a bit to a more comfortable level. And again, these aren’t big contraptions. They also don’t look like a traditional “hearing aid” either.

Example #4: The On-Stage Musicians

Musicians benefit from the extra situational awareness they get, which passive hearing aids don’t offer. These modern modular designs are really fantastic. The custom fits with custom molding aren’t going to snag on any wiring or glasses, but they protect the musicians that are usually going to be performing right next to the stacks of amps on the sides of the stage.

Example #5: The Industrial Worker

“After a while you just get used to it!” How many industrial workers from yesteryear almost scream that in your face, completely unaware that they’re yelling because they lost so much hearing over the years? Heavy machinery is loud. Construction sites are loud. In fact, general manufacturing and industrial environments are pretty hazardous to hearing in general.

Custom hearing protection products keep them on the job longer and help them produce better work! Why? Because the quality of their work experience is better. There’s less noise pollution clouding their mind and they know that in five years they won’t hear some loud pitch noise in their ears at night while trying to sleep.

How these products will evolve is anyone’s guess, but for me I really enjoy being a part of such a wonderful aspect of technological innovation. Let’s see how technology can enhance your active lifestyle – call me.

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