A Great Recommendation

Dr. Wynens

“My 96 year old Mother’s primary care physician recommended that she see Dr. Wynens, the Atlanta Hearing Doctor, to see what could be done to help Mom overcome a steadily declining loss of hearing. It turned out to be a great recommendation. Dr. Wynens had Mom test a new set of digital hearing aids with the newest technology. The improvement in Mom’s hearing was immediate and remarkable. More importantly, the patience, thoroughness and understanding Dr. Wynens provided while working with Mom were second to none. Dr. Wynens has a very friendly, known-you-for-a –long-time, patient oriented style that was perfect for Mom. Appointments were never rushed. Her years of experience and expertise were evident from the first time Mom met with her. Dr. Wynens has always been quick to respond when we needed to see her and solutions were handled fast and effectively. I would recommend to anyone looking for a top of the line audiologist that he or she see Dr. Maria Wynens.