A New World

Dr. Wynens

The use of firearms through the years has greatly diminished my hearing. It was only after family members pointed out how much I was missing that I finally acknowledged that I needed hearing aids. I did some research on the internet and went to a seminar on hearing aids and discovered the latest technology. I contacted several audiologists but it was only after I talked with Dr. Maria Wynens that I got satisfactory answers to my many questions. When I first met Dr. Wynens, I felt I had known her all my life. She put me totally at ease as we discussed and reviewed my hearing impairments. I already knew what type of aids I wanted based on my research and Dr. Wynens agreed with my assessment after reviewing my hearing test. Dr. Wynens fitted me with a pair of hearing aids and they are unbelievable. The old type hearing aids amplified all sound including background noise. The new ones provide directional hearing which minimizes background noise and provides for sharper hearing. If you have a hearing problem, it will be your loss if you don’t visit Dr. Wynens, at the Atlanta Hearing Doctor, and let her fit you with hearing aids that meet your needs. My only regret is that I didn’t get my aids sooner. I now hear things that I forgot existed. It’s a “New World.