I was impressed with you from the beginning…

Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.

Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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I wanted to express my appreciation to you concerning my hearing devices. When I was in for my physical exam with my doctor, I had mentioned to him that my hearing had declined. He said I should speak with you.

To be frank, I was impressed with you from the beginning. You have a way about you that makes a person feel at ease. This is especially important when a person is moving into an area he or she may not be familiar with. The way you walked me through all of the test with precise explanation made me feel at ease and very comfortable. I was also impressed with the way you took as much time as necessary to go over all the test results when I bought my wife back for the second visit.

I have always been one of those fellows who thinks he is bullet proof and felt I certainly didn’t need hearing devices. Boy, was I missing out on so many things! To be able to go outside and hear things that were there in nature that I had not heard in years. To be able to sit in a restaurant and hear a complete conversation from the other end of the table without any problem and not having to deal with the background noise is just wonderful. Finally, to be in meetings and not have to make sure I sit as close as possible to the person I think with be speaking the most is a nice change. The biggest challenge now is getting people to speak softer. I also realize at the same time they have been speaking loud for the last few years just to accommodate me.

The kind of hearing devices I have you can not see them in my ears. I have actually told some family members I have them in and they still can not see them. My business partner has not noticed them in the three weeks I have been wearing them. He certainly would have said something like “It’s About Time” or Thank You” or something to this effect if he had noticed them.

In closing, thank you for making me feel younger. It is neat.