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Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.

Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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I’ve worn hearing aids since my mid-twenties, and since then I’ve had five pairs of hearing aids prescribed by several different audiologists. What makes Dr. Wynens different than my previous audiologists is the fact that Dr. Wynens has never rushed. She wanted to know my likes and dislikes of my current pair of hearing devices, as well as, what I wanted from the new ones. She knew I was interested in the latest technology but wasn’t interested in selling all the bells and whistles.

Dr. Wynens has made coming back for adjustments easy. And most important, to me, she always takes the time to answer my questions even if they were repeaters and never make me feel rushed. This was amazing to me because I had been to a large hearing aid group before, and I had the feeling they had decided what they were going to sell me before I even sat down and they were going to do it in under an hour.

Also, my husband was very impressed with her business accounting area. They were fast, efficient and worked well both with us and our insurance company.