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I realize you and your love ones have many options to choose from when it comes to selecting a provider for your hearing healthcare care needs. Your selection of my office, the Atlanta Hearing Doctor, is sincerely appreciated, and a partnership I work hard to honor.

Recently, my audiology practice has become Audigy Certified. This certification is one I am especially proud of and have worked hard to obtain. My certification into the Audigy Group places my office as one of the top 250 private hearing care practices in the nation, all of whom adhere to the same strict set of patient care standards that my office stands for.

My goal has always been to offer you the best hearing care possible. As a hearing care specialist, everyday I see how important my patient’s communication with family, friends, and colleagues truly is. Through comprehensive evaluations, and diagnoses, I provide – when appropriate – recommendations for the best solutions to improve my patient’s hearing. These recommendations are designed to best suit each person’s lifestyle and budget.

Currently, I am offering a free “clean and check” of my patient’s current hearing devices, along with a fresh set of batteries, and if needed a complimentary hearing screening.

As always, thank you for choosing my office, the AtlantaHearing Doctor, for your hearing healthcare needs. Together we can create solutions for all your hearing needs.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Maria Wynens