The ReSound LiNX: Apple Hearing Aids just got Smarter

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The ReSound LiNX: Apple Hearing Aids just got Smarter
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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The 21st century just keeps getting better and better, at least when we’re talking about medical technology. Now there’s a hearing aid set that syncs up with your smartphone and streams sound into your ears!

Known as the Resound LiNX, we’re talking about a small and yet incredibly powerful (and intelligent) tool for the hard of hearing. The design is especially nice. Sleek. Modern. Then there’s a whole slew of benefits to being a proud owner. Let’s get to those.

Modern Benefits of the Apple ReSound LiNX

I won’t get too technical here, because how exactly these beauties work is pretty complex. They’re far more than headphones or simple sound amplification devices.

  • Geotagging: Like any smart product, they’re connected to the “grid” so to speak. Throughout your daily life you’ll use different settings in different places. So, let’s say you head into work or your favorite restaurant, the ReSound LiNX will know and either automatically adjust or ask you if you would like to do it yourself. Incredible!
  • Microphone: You can basically take your iPad or iPhone and transform it into your own specialized microphone. Once the mic is activated, the immediate environment is then flawlessly streamed into your consciousness in stereo using frequency compression.
  • Tracking: Here’s the thing though, they’re just as easy to lose or misplace as other small devices. But, through the app that goes with these hearing aids you can see where they’re located on a digital map! It’s a feature called, “Find My Hearing Aid.” How awesome is that?
  • Personalized: We’re all getting accustomed to the way smart devices can be customized to fit our own lives, tastes and preferences. The ReSound LiNX is no different. Many of these options are available through the app as well.

Are you seeing the potential here? The bar has been raised. The precedent has been set. Seamlessly connected smart hearing aids are as high quality as it gets with studies to back it up. The surround sound simply cannot be matched. Here are a few features you’ll enjoy.

  • The chip platform in the ReSound LiNX is outfitted with 3rdgeneration 2.4 GHz wireless technology that packs twice the punch. What that means is that the hearing aids are perfect for roughly 90% of the folks with hearing issues today.
  • They’re almost impossible to break and because they’re coated with nanotech you can rest assured they’re protected from things like moisture, natural ear wax or dust.
  • Yes, the batteries last a while and they’re held securely with the newly designed battery door/tube connector.

As you can see this is top of the line. The Apple ReSound LiNX is the best you can find anywhere in the world right now and there’s even tons of accessories to choose from as well. I, for one, am very excited to show these to all my patients.