Wake Up this New Year with These Life-Changing Alarm Clocks!

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Atlanta Hearing Doctor - Wake Up this New Year with These Life-Changing Alarm Clocks!
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Those of us with hearing loss know that acknowledging the condition and making accommodations in our daily life are an important part of the experience. Think back to the experience of getting fitted for hearing aids. Remember that life-changing moment when you could hear sounds that you’d been missing for months or years?

Adjusting to life with hearing loss is an on-going process. As we change and as our lifestyles change, we must accommodate different aspects of the condition. Since we’ve just entered a new year, this is the best time to stick to resolutions that improve your health and well-being. If getting up early, and going for a run or working on your novel or preparing a delicious breakfast, is in the cards for you, then you’ll need an excellent alarm system to wake you up!

Great Alarm Clocks for People with Hearing Loss

It is recommended that you remove your hearing aids before going to bed. Depending on your hearing aids, you may have a recharging station or a dehumidifying station – or both in one! As such, with higher degrees of hearing loss, it may be difficult to hear a regular alarm clock in the morning. Fortunately, this problem has been solved with a number of awesome options to wake you up. Here are a few cool choices:

Vibrating Alarm Clocks

Need a shake to wake up in the morning? Vibrating alarm clocks are designed to be placed under your pillow or mattress, or worn on the wrist. When it’s time to wake up, these vibrating alarm clocks give you a “vibrotactile” alert, shaking you awake. The SonicBomb Super Shaker alarm clock offers three-in-one features: a 113 decibel alarm sound, a pulsing alert light, and a vibrating shaker attachment. If that doesn’t get you up, we don’t know what will! For travel, try the TimeVision ShakeAwake Vibrating alarm clock, which is pocket-sized.

If you don’t need sound and want a lightweight option, the Ditto vibrating bracelet connects directly to your smart phone and vibrates your wrist when it’s time to wake up. There is no audio or visual alert, but this option is travel-friendly and convenient.

Light-Up Alarm Clocks

If the idea of a vibrating bed or pillow is just too much for you in the morning, perhaps a light-up alarm clock is the way to go. Light-up alarm clocks are designed for a number of purposes – for example, if you live in a place that does not have an early dawn, you may want that simulation of light to wake your body up naturally. Light-up alarm clocks are also valued for their calming, therapeutic mode of waking up and are a great option if you experience a hearing loss.

The Phillips Wake Up Light offers both a gradual brightening and a beep that increases gradually in volume. There are 10 brightness settings and a 9-minute snooze function if you’re just not ready to get up yet! For a travel-friendly option, try the Nature Bright Sun Bliss alarm clock.

Olfactory Alarm Clock

The best part of waking up is…the smell of coffee! Or, is it peppermint? Or a croissant, or freshly-cut grass? Whatever your preference for scent, the olfactory alarm clock is a unique and cool device, which releases a scent when it’s time to wake up. The Sensorwake Olfactory alarm clock offers six settings: espresso, toast, croissant, peppermint, grass, and seaside. Alternate your smells or stick with your favorite!

Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance

Why is it so important to get a great alarm clock? With hearing loss, the most common treatment is the prescription of hearing aids. Hearing aids are fitted to meet your specific hearing abilities and since they are an investment, you want to make sure that you are maintaining and caring for them properly.

While hearing aid styles and models widely differ, they do have one common enemy: moisture. When you remove your hearing aids overnight, it’s advisable to put them in a dehumidifying unit (if you use traditional hearing aid batteries). For folks with rechargeable hearing aids, most recharging units come with a dehumidifying function.

This overnight charge/dehumidifying means that you are not wearing your hearing aids, which makes it difficult for you to hear an alarm in the morning. However, this is an important part of hearing aid maintenance, so if you’ve got to be up and at it early, invest in a great alarm clock.

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