What You Have to Know When You Are Flying with Hearing Aids

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What You Have to Know When You Are Flying with Hearing Aids
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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There are millions of people who are traveling to different parts of the world using different airline companies. What you have to realize is that flying should still be enjoyed even if you have hearing aids. Flying with hearing aids is no longer a problem these days. In fact, it is now safe to wear the hearing aids for your flight. It will not cause any discomfort, while in fact, you can even be assisted during your travel.


What to expect?

Is it safe to wear your hearing aid during flight?

It is no longer necessary to remove the hearing aids during security checks, or when you are on your flight. You can use it normally as you would when you are not traveling. In fact, you no longer have to worry about x-ray inspection and metal detectors if you are wearing the device.  However, if you opt to have it in your check in luggage, it has to undergo the normal protocols of the airport.

Expect Trained Officers

If in case you will need help, there are trained officers in the airport who could communicate via sign language. Here, you can ask additional assistance when you are checking in. You can also ask them to repeat the instructions slowly, if you are having a difficult time hearing.

Aside from trained personnel, you can also expect airline facilities to have Telecommunications Device for the Deaf services.

Do I need necessary documentation?

Passengers with hearing aids are not required to have the necessary documentation. However, it is a good idea to still have an identification card to make it easier to notify the staff working on the airport.

Preparation before traveling

For someone who is traveling or flying with hearing aids, it is important to prepare for the entire trip. You also have to anticipate for the delays and other unexpected changes on your travel plans. Here are some things that you need to prepare before you even hit the road.

Extra batteries

You have to always be aware how your hearing aid operates. It needs to have the necessary batteries in order for you to hear. It is highly advisable to have a few extra batteries for your hearing aid before hitting the road.


It is a good idea to bring a dehumidifier in case you have drying hearing aids while you are on your flight. Aside from this, it is also a good idea to bring all the necessary cleaning equipment to your device.

Bring the necessary accessories

You should also bring the necessary accessories for your hearing aid. Extra tubing, soft domes as well as audio shoe are some of the accessories that should be on your checklist before even leaving the house to the airport. It is also common that wireless accessories are needed in order to connect to devices.


Traveling with your hearing aids shouldn’t be difficult. With these tips, you can easily prepare for your flight without a problem. Informing the airline company and even fellow travelers that you have hearing aids can make a huge difference. Preparation is the key in order to avoid unnecessary hassles on your trip.



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