World’s Smallest Wireless Hearing Aid! Oticon Intiga

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A new advanced technology hearing device from Oticon, Inc. shows the potential to deliver immediate benefits and motivate immediate acceptance by people new to hearing amplification.

Results of a multi-center international study with first-time users conducted by researchers at Towson University in Baltimore, MD and Hörzentrum in Oldenburg, Germany suggest that Oticon Intiga provided first time users with immediate and obvious benefits. The study also showed that although it is widely accepted that people new to hearing devices usually take a longer time to accept amplification, participants in the international study immediately accepted new Intiga.

The acceptance and potential for long term use of hearing solutions is significant in the treatment of a health condition that can significantly impact quality of life. Untreated hearing loss can lead to increased frustration, fatigue, and social withdrawal and strain personal and professional relationships. Hearing loss can also inhibit an individual’s earning capacity.  Not surprisingly, the way hearing solutions look and feel are important considerations. Top requirements voiced by new users in an Oticon study of 1,500 people experiencing hearing difficulty included a discreet look that doesn’t intimidate and a fit that is comfortable to wear throughout the day. Intiga’s ultra-small, organic shape hides well behind the ear and the almost invisible receiver wire and ergonomically shaped speaker ensure fitting comfort and retention throughout the day. The hearing instrument’s surface is smooth and unbroken with invisible microphone openings and no push buttons to attract attention.

Intiga is the world’s smallest wireless hearing instrument. Bluetooth capabilities allow Intiga to connect wirelessly to cell phones, becoming a virtual hands-free headset. With addition of the Oticon ConnectLine system, audio from televisions and landline phones can be streamed directly to the hearing instruments. The discreet ConnectLine clip-on microphone can be used with Intiga to enhance a user’s ability to engage in one-on-one conversations in difficult listening environments.

Oticon Intiga is available in 13 colors ranging from subtle shades that blend to complement natural skin and hair tones to more vibrant contemporary colors including terracotta, vivid lilac and natural henna. Intiga is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, more than 80% of hearing losses with first-time users. The new hearing solution is available exclusively through Oticon authorized hearing care professionals.