Reduced Risk of Dimensia

We all want to maintain our mental sharpness as we get older. Dementia, Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline are all conditions everyone wants to avoid. Research shows hearing loss plays a role in our ability to stay sharp as we age, and here’s how.

  • Hearing loss has been linked to social isolation and loneliness. Which studies have shown increases the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Think about it, if you struggle to hear you’ll be more likely to withdraw from social activities or situations where hearing plays a role.


  • Secondly, as hearing becomes more difficult your brain has to work harder to register and comprehend what you are listening to. This steals energy from memory and thinking. Imagine your brain as having a finite amount of fuel. The more fuel you use for listening and comprehension the less fuel you will have for remembering and other routine tasks.


  • And finally hearing loss has been shown to increase brain atrophy or shrinkage. Yes, believe it or not our brains shrink as we age. And researchers at John’s Hopkins showed people with hearing loss lost more brain tissue each year as compared to peers with normal hearing. Likely due to atrophy from a lack of stimulation. This link between hearing loss and cognitive decline should give everyone incentive to treat hearing loss. A study out last summer provides even more. It concluded that managing or treating hearing loss in midlife is one of the 9 things you can do to prevent dementia. And wearing hearing aids is the most effective treatment for hearing loss. If you are ready to treat your hearing loss we can help.