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Oticon More

Oticon More is a revolutionary new hearing aid designed to work more like your brain, because it learns through the new Deep Neural Network in Oticon More devices. According to Oticon'ss research, More hearing aid deliver 30% more sound to the brain, giving the brain more of what it needs to make better sense of the sounds - allowing you to get more out of your hearing and your life.

These new More hearing aids build upon Oticon's BrainHearing technology. Oticon hearing aids give your brain access to the full sound scene—to support your brain in working more effectively. These hearing aids also come with Bluetooth connectivity, tinnitus support and a rechargeable option.

Oticon More Hearing Aid
phonak hearing aids atlanta

Marvel by Phonak

The new Marvel platform means that the latest hearing device from Phonak, the Audeo Marvel, will give you a rich sound experience without limitations. Not only are the Audeo Marvel’s individual features something to get excited about, but the combination of these features into one cohesive system will bring you the best listening experience. While the AutoSense OS 3.0 technology scans the listening environment, and automatically adapts to provide you with a personalized listening experience, the Binaural Voice Stream Technology streams the full audio bandwidth bidirectionally. Phonak knows that two ears are better than one, and this new technology empowers you to use both your ears to hear all the sounds around you.

Important Features Of
Oticon More

The new Polaris platform from Oticon allows for a 15% increase in speech understanding and twice the computation speed. It also powers the Bluetooth connections using the latest BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) standard. In addition, these More hearing aids have a solid rechargeable option and allow the user to make adjustments using Oticon's ON app.

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