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OPN from Oticon: A whole new way to hear

New from Oticon is the innovative Oticon Opn hearing aid. This hearing aid is presented as a BrainHearing solution and opens up a whole new direction in hearing technology.

Responding to consumer calls for a more reliable energy source, Opn is available as a rechargeable hearing aid. All Opn mini-RITE models are customizable as rechargeable hearing aids with ZPower batteries. Convenient and easy to use, Opn wearers no longer need to worry about replacing batteries. With the user-friendly recharging station, Opn requires a single overnight charge for a day’s worth of listening.

OPN Styles

Opn is available in the following styles: mini receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), mini-RITE T, and behind-the-ear Plus Power 13, designed for those who experience severe to profound degrees of hearing loss. Opn is a winner of the 2017 CES Innovation Awards in both “Tech for a Better World” and “Wearable Technologies” categories, as well as a winner of the 2017 Red Dot Design Award and the 2017 Edison Gold Award.

oticon opn atlanta

Work Less, Hear More

The BrainHearing solution means Opn hearing aids provide ease in social settings, less listening effort, and greater understanding. Tests show that Opn users expend 20% less listening effort, have 20% more accurate memory for things they hear, and show 30% better speech understanding.

Wireless and Digital Capabilities

Oticon hearing aids have wireless and digital capabilities which provide wearers with ease of operation and accessibility. Digital hearing aids turn acoustic signals into code processed by the Inium system, which can be repeated endlessly without affecting the overall quality. The Inium processor provides exceptional performance with low energy usage. Oticon hearing aids are compatible with wireless devices, which allow wearers to discreetly control volume and program functions. Additionally, wireless compatibility allows wearers to stream phone calls, music, and other media directly to their hearing aids. Oticon also offers a new remote control, the size of a car key, to enable wearers to switch between functions with ease.

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First in Internet Connection

Oticon’s Opn is the first hearing aid to be able to connect to the internet. Using TwinLink, Opn can wirelessly connect to your smartphone, TV, and vehicle audio system, as well as connecting to things like the doorbell, baby monitor, and kitchen appliances. This program runs on the If This Than That network, notifying you of the stove alarm, or activity in the baby monitor, and providing stress-free living through advanced connectivity. By receiving notifications right to your ear, you never need to worry about missing the delivery man at the door, or wonder if you left the stove on.

Other Features

Using a near-field magnetic communication (NFMI) system for advanced binaural hearing, Opn leads the way in instantaneous communication between the ears, providing the best in spatial cues. Oticon understands that you don’t have time to be changing settings constantly, so YouMatic LX remembers personal settings and preferences to reduce the amount of time you spend resetting your hearing aids in different environments. SpeechGuard LX, along with Soft Speech Booster LX improve your hearing of speech in both loud and soft environments, providing advanced noise reduction and speech clarity in this advanced hearing aid.

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