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Sonic Innovations hearing aids atlanta

A new kid on the block, Sonic Innovations was founded in 1991 in Utah, and launched their first product in 1998. Since then, Sonic has rocketed to the leading edge of international hearing aid technology, making fresh innovations in digital technologies. Sonic provides a natural hearing experience, allowing clients to regain access to a world of sounds. Since 2009, Sonic has also been a supplier to the Veterans Administration, and works closely with veterans to bring hearing back into their lives. Active in 25 countries around the world, Sonic is a creative company that thinks outside the box, delivering high quality products that are simple to understand and easy to use.

Enchant Hearing Aids

Enchant is designed to be adaptive and flexible, and automatically provide quality hearing in any listening environment. This Made for iPhone device comes in three styles, the miniRITE, miniRITE T, and BTE 105 to match your unique hearing needs. Enchant works to reduce distracting sounds, help you focus on speech, and work intuitively to provide you with the best in natural hearing. Advanced programs include SmartCompress that detects noise and controls amplification levels, and Binaural Noise Management that helps you balance noises and provides clear ear to ear communication. You’ll also have access to the advanced tinnitus management with the Tinnitus SoundSupport system, and enjoy music like never before with the SmartMusic program.

Celebrate Hearing Aids

For hearing aid users who want advanced features and a range of connectivity options, Celebrate ticks all the boxes. It enhances speech using Speech Variable Processing and uses Noise Reduction technologies to distinguish between the voices you want to hear and the distracting background sounds. Celebrate also uses Reverb Reduction features to reduce the ringing that often accompanies sounds in large, open spaces. Environment Classification technology automatically adjusts sound levels based on the situation, and even allows you to customize the environment settings to best match your listening needs.

Cheer Hearing Aids

The Cheer hearing aid is designed for a range of hearing loss, from mild to moderately severe. The Cheer offers three technology levels, and is available in styles such as in-the-ear, completely-in-canal, and four behind-the-ear models, to name a few. This hearing aid is also equipped to connect wirelessly to smartphones.

  • Comes in 3 levels of technology.
  • Wireless connectivity for most models
  • Specialized for high frequencies.
  • Features noise reduction technology at is finest.

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Journey Hearing Aids

Journey is Sonic’s strongest hearing aid, and is suitable for those with severe to profound hearing loss. Unique features include Wind Noise Reduction to add clarity to time spent outdoors. Impulse Noise Reduction minimizes unwanted noises, and Soft Noise Reduction eliminates troublesome background distractions such as the refrigerator, allowing you to focus on the sounds that really matter. Journey also introduces Analog Volume Control, allowing for precise volume adjustments, and giving clients complete control over their hearing experience. Rather than using auditory cues, an LED Visual Indicator displays battery life and volume levels.

Pep Hearing Aids

For those new to hearing aids, Pep is a great place to start. Pep addresses basic hearing needs while providing quality technologies. Light-weight models fit into an active lifestyle, and Pep’s streamlined, modern design comes in several colours to match your skin or hair. Pep maintains Sonic’s quality product standards, while delivering simple, easy to use features. It mimics the functioning of a healthy ear to give a natural hearing experience to first time hearing aid users.

Styles and Features

Sonic Innovations has many styles to fit many needs and budgets. Most styles have Behind-the-Ear, In-the-Ear, In-the-Canal, and Invisible-in-the-Canal models in a range of colours and sizes. What sets Sonic apart is their high quality digital technologies. Sonic’s hearing aids are highly adaptable through wireless connectivity features using SoundGate. This technology enables the hearing instrument to function like wireless headphones, allowing connections directly to devices such as the TV, a phone, or a music player. Many models also feature Auto Telephone technology that switches to the telephone mode when in proximity to a phone, and returns to the previous mode when the phone is moved away. Sonic hearing aids have Directional Systems technology that focus on the sounds you want to hear and reduce distracting sounds, mimicking the natural hearing abilities of the ear.

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