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The Atlanta Hearing Doctor is one the top providers of audiology services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Run by Dr. Maria Wynens, a Doctor of Audiology with over 36 years of experience in Atlanta, our team offers warm, compassionate, and knowledgeable care to help improve your hearing.

With numerous high-profile musicians, artists, and actors trusting in our expertise, you can be confident that we will provide the best possible care for your hearing needs.

Contact us today at 404-252-7528 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Wynens and our team.

We are devoted to providing our patients with an alternative to cookie-cutter medical care:

  • Credentialed, experienced audiologists who keep up to date with the latest advances in hearing care research and technology
  • Recommendations that put our patients’ interests first
  • Access to the latest hearing technology — not “new” technology that was new three years ago
  • A comprehensive, collaborative approach to helping you hear better
  • Free follow-up adjustments and hearing retraining programs that are included as an integral part of your investment in better hearing

Your Doctor

Dr. Maria Wynens

Dr. Maria Wynens is a leading audiologist in Atlanta, GA with over 36 years of experience in helping individuals with hearing loss.

Our founder, Dr. Wynens, is a compassionate and empathetic professional who understands the challenges of hearing loss firsthand.

She is known as the "audiologist to the stars" for her work with highly known musicians, actors, and artists, who trust their hearing to her expertise. At the Atlanta Hearing Doctor, our mission is to provide exceptional care and personalized treatment plans to each of our patients. Our team is dedicated to improving the lives of those with hearing loss, and we strive to make the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

With Dr. Wynens' extensive experience and expertise, you can trust that you are in good hands. She is dedicated to helping her patients regain their hearing and improve their quality of life. Whether you are experiencing hearing loss for the first time or need advanced treatment, we are here to help you every step of the way.

“You will not find any other doctor that is more caring, warm and compassionate and also an expert in her field. She has brought such joy to my family’s life. Now we can have two-sided conversations with my father. My parents adore Dr. Wynens and we all feel grateful for her help!"


7 Reasons to Choose The Atlanta Hearing Doctor

Choosing a hearing healthcare professional is extremely important. Here are 7 reasons to choose Atlanta Hearing Doctor as your Audiologist.

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Reason #1

We believe that educating patients leads to the best hearing results.

Reason #2

Our experience gives you the expert care you deserve.

Reason #3

Detailed testing ensures that we address the specific nature of your hearing loss.

Reason #4

State-of-the-art hearing aids optimize your ability to hear.

Reason #5

Exact hearing aid fitting and programming to your satisfaction.

Reason #6

Exceptional follow-up care gives you ongoing, personalized customer service.

Reason #7

We absolutely love helping people to hear better and it shows!

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