Hearing Aid Repair

Experiencing trouble with your hearing aid? We can help.

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Your hearing aids accompany you every day, connecting you to the world. Even though you’ve done your best to keep them dry and safe, there are times they may accidentally get wet, dropped, or clogged with debris. It’s no wonder that when they begin to malfunction or work improperly, you will want them repaired immediately.

Common problems you may experience include:

  • Feedback whistling or howling
  • No sound
  • Distorted sound
  • Fuzzy or unclear sounds

Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Hearing aids are sensitive, electronic devices that require a light touch. If you are experiencing any of the above problems, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot.

  1. With whistling or howling feedback noises, you may have accumulated earwax in your ear, or the hearing aid is not inserted properly. Remove and reinsert your hearing aid in your ear to see if the feedback stops, or visit us to have your ear canals checked for earwax accumulation.
  2. If you do not hear sound at all, or the sound is distorted, fuzzy, or unclear, the most common problem is the battery. Perhaps the battery needs to be replaced because it has run out of juice, or the battery or battery contacts are dirty or corroded. In the case of the latter two, you may open and close the battery compartment and clean the batter surfaces with a dry cloth. Replace the battery with a new one if these two attempts do not work.
  3. Sometimes, distorted sound may result from leaving your hearing aid program on the telecoil option. Switch your hearing aid back to the microphone option to see if that provides clearer sound.
  4. With behind-the-ear models, inspect the tubing for damage or wear.

When should I come in for repairs?

If you’ve attempted the above steps to no avail, come visit us for hearing aid repairs. Because hearing aids are sensitive, please avoid taking them apart and sticking sharp objects in them. Some problems are electric or mechanical in nature, such as volume control issues or an inability to switch between programs.

In some cases, we may be able to make the repairs while you wait. If we have to send the hearing aid to the factory for repairs, we’ll provide you with loaner hearing aids for the interim. We know how important it is for you to have your hearing aids with you.

If repairs do not improve your listening experience, we will recommend the next course of action, such as testing your hearing abilities and updating your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Warranties

At Atlanta Hearing Doctor, we offer plans with the Audigy Extended Repair Warranty as well as many other warranty options through each manufacturer. Typically, you may choose between one year and two year coverage. The warranty covers accidental damage as well as gradual deterioration and normal wear and tear. If we repair your instruments, coverage will continue uninterrupted.