Hearing Care Services

Our expert staff at the Atlanta Hearing Doctor provides hearing care services that are designed at every step of the way to improve your quality of life.

Whether you are having trouble communicating due to hearing loss, struggling with the constant burden of ringing in your ears, or seeking dependable, expert advice about today’s best hearing aids, we offer a level of experience and quality care that you won’t find anywhere else.

We provide services for a variety of patients. These services include behavioral tests that help us fully understand your needs and expectations before we complete the necessary otoneurologic tests. When appropriate, we recommend only the most up-to-date digital hearing aid technology and precisely fit it to your ears and your hearing needs, for exceptional comfort and sound quality. We offer services at our office location in Atlanta, GA.

Hearing testing is comfortable, and safe.

Hearing testing is painless, comfortable, and safe. It consists of answering questions about your hearing health, recognizing everyday words at different volume levels, and identifying tones of differing sound frequencies reproduced with headphones. Your ability to hear each tone, or frequency, reveals the unique hearing pattern of your hearing abilities, which we then record on an audiogram.

Only the best for your ears!

The test is completed in a state-of-the-art sound booth using earphones and other types of noninvasive diagnostic instruments. The audiologist uses this data, along with a basic physical examination, to determine the type and severity of your hearing loss. These tests will determine whether your hearing loss is best treated medically or with hearing aids.

Keeping Up with Your Hearing Changes

As we get older, hearing changes can occur quickly, and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association recommends that individuals over 50 receive regular hearing screenings at three-year intervals. If you wear hearing aids, it’s important to have your hearing checked even more regularly to ensure that your hearing aids are properly adjusted. Remember, most general practitioners do not screen for hearing loss, so your hearing difficulty can easily go unnoticed by your primary care doctor.

Better Hearing Support

Every one of our patients receives comprehensive instruction to help you make the adjustment to the sound and features of your new hearing aids. Patients new to hearing aids, or who have had uncompensated hearing loss for a long period of time, typically need to “learn to listen again” — how to focus on the specific sounds you want to pay attention to and ignore all of the noise. We’ll be here to help you every step of the way, and to clearly explain to you the best methods of use and care for your hearing instruments.

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Effective Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus (or “ringing in the ears”) can reach distressing levels that may interfere not only with your hearing, but also your peace of mind. We offer proven tinnitus therapies that begin with diagnostic and self-assessment tests to determine both the cause of the tinnitus and its psychological impact. Diagnostic tests determine if the cause of the tinnitus is related to middle-ear or inner-ear problems, as well as possible auditory nerve abnormalities. These tests also help determine the tone or pitch of the tinnitus and its volume to help us arrive at the best management option. These options may include a review of medications you’re currently taking, sound-masking devices, hearing aids, or Tinnitus Retraining therapy (TRT) — there are even dietary changes that may help alleviate your symptoms.

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Quality Digital Hearing Aid Fitting

We offer straightforward, honest advice to help you find the hearing solution that’s right for you. We will discuss the pros and cons of all the options that are suitable for your hearing loss, including the style of fit, the cost, and the technology level required to meet your communication goals.

Precision Fitting

Using a simple, painless silicone mold of your ear canal, many of our hearing devices are shaped precisely to the contours of your ear canal for a comfortable fit and optimal sound quality.

Expert Programming

Your new hearing aids will be custom programmed to match your unique hearing loss as recorded on your audiogram. Whether you want to hear better on the phone, in the car, in meetings, or in quiet settings, our audiologists will work with you to create the ideal settings for you to hear all the things you want to hear.

Expert Hearing Aid Adjustment and Service

The cornerstone of our nationally recognized customer service program is our expert follow-up service — ensuring that your hearing solution meets or exceeds your needs and expectations. Most patients initially require three to four office visits to learn how to adjust to hearing with new technology, and how to take care of their new hearing aids. During these visits, we’ll ask you how your hearing aids are performing in the environments that are most important to you, and we’ll adjust the programming to help you hear better in those situations.

Adjustments and troubleshooting are always available at no charge for the life of the hearing instruments. In fact, most of our patients can be seen for hearing-aid-related problems the day they call.