Oticon Intent

Introducing Oticon Intent

The Oticon Intent hearing aid emerges as a groundbreaking solution for individuals with hearing loss, offering an unprecedented approach to capturing and reacting to user intent through its novel 4D Sensor technology. This innovative product, powered by the Sirius platform, leverages advanced technology to provide users with a natural and full sound scene, adapting seamlessly to their listening needs.

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Main Features Description

Oticon Intent distinguishes itself with the world’s first user-intent sensors, a remarkable achievement in hearing aid technology. These sensors utilize a combination of acoustic data and the wearer's physical movements to adapt the hearing aid's support in real-time, ensuring optimal performance for the user's current listening environment. The Sirius platform, which drives Oticon Intent, includes the second-generation Deep Neural Network (DNN 2.0), offering enhanced sound clarity, better noise suppression, and more efficient Bluetooth® LE Audio connectivity. Moreover, Oticon Intent is equipped with self-calibrating miniFit Detect speaker units, ensuring precise gain and delivering a richer soundscape across a broad frequency bandwidth.

Models and Performance Levels

The Oticon Intent's introduction does not detail specific models or performance levels but emphasizes the underlying technology that makes it adaptable to various listening environments and user preferences. Its core technologies include the revolutionary 4D user-intent sensors and the Sirius platform, promising to deliver exceptional performance tailored to individual needs.

Top Features

- 4D User-Intent Sensors: Capture user listening intentions for adaptive audio support.

- Sirius Platform: Powers the hearing aid with high processing capacity for a natural sound experience.

- Deep Neural Network 2.0 (DNN 2.0): Offers superior sound clarity and noise suppression.

- Bluetooth® LE Audio: Ensures modern, efficient connectivity with various devices.

- Self-Calibrating miniFit Detect Speaker Units: Delivers precise daily gain and a richer sound scene.

- MoreSound Intelligence 3.0: Adapts audio processing to the user’s specific listening needs.

- Virtual Outer Ear & Intent-Based Spatial Balancer: Enhances sound fidelity and user awareness in different environments.

- Neural Noise Suppression: Distinguishes between easy and difficult listening environments for optimal sound clarity.

- Sound Enhancer: Adds sound details in challenging environments, primarily enhancing speech sounds.

Oticon Intent in Atlanta

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