Widex Moment

The newest hearing aid from Widex, the MOMENT, is the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid on the market. These small new devices deliver a pure and natural sound because of the new ZeroDelay technology from Widex. In most hearing aid models, the sound processed in the hearing aid hits the eardrum later than direct sound, causing distortion effects known as artefacts. These artefacts reduce sound quality and lead to a distorted or metallic quality.

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In addition to the ZeroDelay feature, these hearing aids come equipped with water-resistant nano coating, SoundSense Learn machine learning, bluetooth and a lithium-ion recharging system. These features and more are all available in their tiny and stylish MRIC (mini receiver-in-the-canal) model. Using the Widex Moment smartphone app is easy and convenient. With the capability to adjust almost anything you can need the Moment App is an incredible tool in the palm of your hands.

Widex Moment Features:

  • Widex PureSound™ with ZeroDelay™ Technology
  • TruAcoustics™ with Personal Gain Integrator
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range Compression
  • True-Input Technology
  • Speech Enhancer
  • Noise Reduction
  • Directional Focus via MOMENT App
  • Reverse focus viaMOMENT App

Widex SmartRIC

The Widex SmartRIC stands as a state-of-the-art hearing aid, offering users a tailored and seamless listening journey. Its discreet design and advanced technology ensure clear and natural sound quality across diverse environments. With built-in artificial intelligence, the SmartRIC continuously adjusts to the user's needs and surroundings, optimizing hearing performance. Furthermore, its effortless connectivity allows seamless integration with smartphones and other devices, empowering users to manage and personalize their hearing experience with ease. In essence, the Widex SmartRIC signifies a notable leap in hearing aid technology, delivering heightened comfort, clarity, and control for those with hearing impairment.