Resound Omnia

The new Resound Omnia represents a return to the core of why hearing aids are used by those with hearing loss - to improve understanding of speech in background noise. According to ReSound, 80% of people who wear hearing aids describe hearing in noise environments as a key challenge. With the new Omnia, Resound boasts a 150% improvement in speech understanding in noise when compared to their previous generation of hearing aids (the Resound One).

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With the Omnia, you can choose to use ReSound’s innovative M&RIE receivers. This inner-ear microphone design works with your unique ear shape to collect sound naturally and effortlessly process multiple sounds simultaneously. This gives you a complete understanding of your surroundings and an even better understanding of speech sounds. Research shows that wearing hearing aids incorrectly can result in as much as 11dB of sound escaping the ear, reducing the user’s ability to hear considerably. ReSound’s groundbreaking ‘Check My Fit’ feature gives users guidance on inserting their hearing aids correctly via a quick picture of the ear. According to ReSound, this feature can help 70% of users wear their hearing aids better.

Resound Omnia Features

  • A new feature improves the sound of the users ‘own voice’, leading to a more natural hearing experience.
  • The rechargeable version boasts all-day power with up to 30 hours of use on one charge.
  • A Nano-coated exterior enables an all-weatherproof design that endures wherever you take it.
  • Users can enjoy hands-free, crystal-clear phone calls at the touch of a button with iPhone and iPad and direct streaming from Android smartphones.
  • Enjoy direct Bluetooth connectivity and streaming, no matter what smartphone you have.
  • Available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable models.

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