Starkey Evolv AI

The Evolv AI hearing aid represents a substantial technological development in hearing aids. The Evolv Ai is distinguished from Starkey's previous flagship hearing aid (the Livio AI) by its ability to monitor users' brain and body health using artificial intelligence. In addition to these advances, the Starkey Evolve AI provides the premium sound quality you would expect from a top manufacturer of hearing aids, with a 40% decrease in noise energy compared to prior technologies.

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Starkey new Evolv AI hearing aids are built on Starkey Sound, a revolutionary technology created through many years of research and scientific algorithms to power high-quality audio that is similar to the human auditory system. Using advanced machine learning, the sound is meant to eliminate background noise and improve voice audibility and intelligibility automatically.

The artificial intelligence drives the industry-leading sound processing with Evolv AI. A simple tap analyzes your environment and modifies your settings to support you in times of greatest need. Every hour, 55,000,000 automatic changes are made to offer a realistic and accurate hearing experience in all scenarios. This facilitates speech comprehension in noisy environments.

Evolv AI combines artificial intelligence with Starkey's most sophisticated connection to date. You'll be able to achieve more with your phone than ever before, owing to iPhone and Android devices' enhanced connection.


  • The Starkey Thrive app monitors brain and body health and provides ideas to help you meet physical and cognitive health goals.
  • With Telehear Remote Programming, your audiologist can reprogram your hearing aids without you having to travel to the clinic.
  • Both Evolve AI hearing aids are rechargeable, allowing for a full day's use from a single overnight charge.
  • The Evolv line has the smallest 2.4 GHz Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing aid on the market.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for iPhone and Bluetooth ASHA for Android devices guarantees a range of streaming options no matter your device.

The Evolv AI also recently just won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category. Those who take a holistic approach to hearing health will benefit the most from the Evolv AI.