5 Important Tips to Improve Your Hearing Aid Experience

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5 Tips to Improve Your Hearing Aid Experience
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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If you’ve made the decision to look into your potential hearing loss – you’ve already done the hard part. Whatever your reason for taking the first steps on your journey to better hearing, we are extremely proud of you. While an exceptionally rewarding one, this journey can become emotionally and financially draining if you’re not properly prepared for it. That is why we have compiled this friendly list of five tips to improve your experience with hearing aids – whether you’re a first-time user or upgrading your aids.

#1: Keep Motivated and Your Sense of Humor

As with most things in life, hearing aids do come with an adjustment period. Your wife’s shower singing my sound exorbitantly loud (certainly louder than when you were first married, right?), your own voice may sound funny and unfamiliar, and simply hearing sounds you have long forgotten may be overwhelming. It is extremely important to keep your sense of humor and your motivation through these ups and downs. Keep in close contact with us at Atlanta Hearing Doctor and attend your follow-up appointments. In many cases, tiny adjustments made by a specialist and a bit of persistence can make a world of difference in alleviating the annoyances of this adjustment period.

#2: Lean on Your Support Network

Many people make the initial decision to treat their hearing loss with hearing aids with the support and urging of their friends and family members. Your loved ones are there to support you and want to see you succeed in your journey to better hearing! Reach out and ask for the support that you need. Invite your husband to attend your hearing screen with you, ask for feedback on your improvement from your children or grandchildren, and reach out for emotional support when needed. You’ll be happy you did – there are numerous studies that link happiness and improved relationships to the treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids.

#3: Do Your Research and Have a Financial Plan

Much work is being done to change this, however, at the present moment, hearing aids are not covered by Medicaid or by most private health insurance plans. Because of this, hearing aids are often an out-of-pocket investment in your happiness and quality of life. To help alleviate the initial sticker shock, take some time and do some research on the price of hearing aids, and brands available. It will be important for you to make a financial plan for payment. Will you use the financing option available at most centers? Will you dip into the “rainy day” fund? Will you look into grant programs available through charitable organizations to help with the costs? Having a plan in mind before sitting down with a professional can make the process run much more smoothly.

#4: Keep and Open Mind & Accept Your Diagnosis

It is important to keep an open mind when it comes to hearing aids. There are many brands, styles, and lines of hearing aids to choose from. Not all hearing aids are suitable for all patients. You may have spent hours researching a hearing aid that is not right for your lifestyle, hearing profile or budget. Do not despair! Here at Atlanta Hearing Doctor, we will work with you to find the best hearing aid to meet your unique needs and desires – and this may be different than the aid you were expecting. It is also important to accept your diagnosis. Your attitude towards your hearing loss and willingness to accept it are some of the most important indicators of how successful your hearing aid experience will be.

#5: Find a Professional You Trust

This one is extremely important. Hearing aids are very personalized devices and you will need to be extremely honest with your doctor about your preferences, lifestyle, budget and needs. Take some time before choosing the clinic and specialist that is right for you. Look into their hours of operation. Are they convenient for you or will you need to take off work to attend follow-up appointments? Do you feel confident with your specialist’s expertise and comfortable in the office? These are all important considerations that will pay a role in your overall happiness with your aids.

Atlanta Hearing Doctor is here for you. With 28 years of experience under her belt, Dr. Maria Wynens is proud to support healthy hearing in the Atlanta area. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a consultation.