Become a Better Hearing Booster

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Become a Better Hearing Booster
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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According to Better Hearing Institute Executive Director Sergei Kochkin, PhD, “outdated notions about hearing aids are inhibiting people from addressing their hearing loss, and public perception of hearing aids hasn’t kept pace with the new technologies and discreet designs of today’s devices.”

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you know anyone with a hearing difficulty that is hesitant to seek help? Perhaps this was the way you felt before discovering the technology and services the Atlanta Hearing Doctor offers.

Well, we’d like you to spread the word about how better hearing has changed your life. Sharing your better hearing story with friends and family, at community events, and on Facebook and twitter can help more people realize that wearing hearing instruments should be no different than wearing eyeglasses.

Tell them that today’s hearing devices are sleek, subtle, and comfortable to wear. Tell them that you can hear the TV better, that conversations in noisy environments are easier to understand, and that asking people to repeat themselves is a thing of the past. Tell them that hearing instruments are designed to make you feel young!

“People want to hold onto their vitality as they enter and move through middle-age,” says Kochkin. “What research shows is that those who do face their hearing loss and use hearing aids are experiencing significant and satisfying improvements in their quality of life.”

Become a better hearing advocate. Encourage your loved ones with concerns about their hearing to visit the Atlanta Hearing Doctor. I will give the same great services you’ve experienced.