December 31, 2019

Keeping Your Hearing Aids Dry

Keeping Your Hearing Aids Dry

Maintenance is the key to keeping your hearing aids working at their very best for you. Why is it so important? You have decided to invest in hearing implements to help elevate the quality of your life. Your decision to educate yourself and go through what can be a complicated process to nourish your hearing experiences lends itself to maintaining the equipment you have purchased. You have and are working with your hearing heath professional through comprehensive testing and communication so that your needs are met consistently. Now, ongoing maintenance and care are needed to protect your investment so that you gain maximum benefit!

Hearing Aid Components

Most hearing aids at this point are quite sophisticated and many have microchips and electronic features akin to a mini-computer. Let’s first take a look at which type of components within the hearing devices need the most diligence and why.Along with the latest technology and demand for the best it has to offer in the field of hearing wellness and audiology, we now have access to a wide array of choices. The common denominator is that there is a higher use of electronics giving use a greater number of options and controls suited to our individualized hearing requirements. Electronics and daily exposure to moisture as we all know do not make good partners. Within water and condensation there are ions that can interfere with the complex circuitry of the electronics veering off electrical points necessary to complete their functions.Another aspect of our hearing devices is that many parts are made from metal, and though they are manufactured with protective sleeving, constant exposure to the elements can cause them to become corroded. This is why we keep our laptops and tablets in water-resistant sleeves, our cameras in camera bags and our mobile phones in cases!

What can you do to keep your hearing aids work at maximum efficiency and comfort?

Consultation and fittings:

  • Make a list of your activities to share with your audiologist.

This will help you both to get a better understanding and make an informed decision about the type of hearing devices best tailored to your needs.

  • Custom molds for your hearing aids is best procured from your audiologist and will diminish feedback and enhance the quality of sound.
  • Ask your hearing health professional for proper instructions on the use of the testing tube and any other queries you might have to keep your device at optimum levels.

Necessary items:

  • Soft cleaning cloth
  • Extra batteries
  • Battery tester
  • Charger
  • Electronic storage device
  • Listening tube for testing
  • Air blower

Your practice:

  • Clean your hearing aids daily.
  • Use a soft cloth and mild soap as required.
  • Store them in a proper overnight container.
  • Charge them overnight for use the next day.
  • Check battery levels.
  • Make sure your ear molds sit correctly within your ears.
  • Carry or use a protective pouch for outdoor activities.
  • Test your device on a regular schedule using the testing tube.
  • Follow up with your audiologist for regular checkups.

Issues that often pop-up:


  • Check for wax build up
  • Clean any vents and the microphone on your device
  • Make sure that the device is fitted properly
  • Check to see if any tubing is twisted or loose.


  • Keep a water-resistant pouch on hand for any outdoor activities planned or unexpected.
  • Purchase moisture absorption pellets or linings at the local pharmacy in cases of emergency.
  • Extra working batteries.
  • Limited exposure to rain or excessive moisture.

Do your research!

A good storage unit for your hearing aids is imperative. The market is filled with many kinds and at many price points. Find what is best for you! Do you need one that dries and sanitizes as well? Do you need a storage unit that charges fast? Do you want or need all three functions?Don’t hesitate to communicate with your audiologist and they can help steer you in the right direction!At Atlanta Hearing Doctor, we are well versed in the myriad of requirements that accompany the program to a better life of hearing. You or those close to you are welcome to give us a call regarding any and all questions regarding the betterment of your hearing health. We look forward to hearing from you and to becoming an integral part of a richer hearing experience.

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