Summer Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

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Summer Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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Summer Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

It’s summer in the city! And with the summer months in Atlanta come new hazards for your hearing aids. Heat and humidity are two things to be very careful of when caring for your hearing aids. Luckily, the temperatures don’t spell disaster for your hearing aids – as long as you take extra precautions in caring for your aids.

Before you head out into the summer heat, there are a few important things to keep in mind for your aids. Take note of these common summertime pitfalls, and you’ll be able to enjoy your summer with great hearing.


Beware Water and Moisture

Unless you’ve invested in waterproof or water resistant hearing aids, water and moisture are perhaps the worst thing for your aids’ performance. Just like most electronics, moisture can find its way into your aids and wreak havoc on its delicate inner-workings.

It’s not just pools and misters that can cause water damage for your hearing aids – even excessive sweating can have an impact on their performance. If you plan to head to the pool or participate in outdoor activities that might cause more perspiration than usual, consider leaving your aids in a dry and cool environment or storage compartment.

If your aids do become wet or damp, make sure to remove the batteries to allow your aid to dry out completely. Remember that using a hair dryer or oven to speed up the drying process is off-limits, since this can cause heat-related damage.

If you’re an active person often in environments with moisture – like swimming or hiking – consider investing in either waterproof/dustproof hearing aids or special accessories to protect them against the elements. These can be a great way to keep your aids in great working order without slowing you down!


Avoid Excessive Heat or Hot Environments

While nearly all of Atlanta is hot during the summer months, there are certain environments that experience even higher temperatures. Those environments include the inside of your car, near sunny windows or on glass tabletops on outdoor patios. These places are off-limits for storing your hearing aids.

Instead, plan on leaving your aids in a storage case that’s left in an area protected from direct sunlight. That includes even air-conditioned rooms where sunlight might inadvertently heat up a storage case. Even glove compartments in cars can get hotter than you’d expect – so if you can, leave your aids at home if you don’t plan to wear them.


Hearing aid maintenance is important year-round, and the best partners you have in caring for your aids are hearing professionals. We can help you learn the tricks behind stellar hearing aid maintenance, and can even help you clean hearing aids for even better performance.

Ready to start your journey to better hearing? Contact our hearing professionals if you need help with your aid maintenance this summer, or if you’re ready to find or upgrade to the perfect hearing aid for you! We’re here to help you transform your life with great hearing solutions.


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