When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

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When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?
Dr. Maria Wynens, Au.D.
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When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

We discussed how long hearing aids last, so the next question becomes, “When should I update my hearing aids?” As you know, hearing aids usually last anywhere from three to seven years, based on the model, your lifestyle, and changing hearing technology. Making the decision to update your hearing aids isn’t about waiting until your hearing aid stops working, but making the decision to update when it’s the right time.


Hearing Aid Function

Are you hearing aids working like they’re supposed to? If the answer is no, it might be time to update your hearing aids. But before you do, check them for proper function. Have you been maintaining your hearing aids? Always clean them regularly, and keep them in a safe, dry place.

If your hearing aids are malfunctioning, they may need some cleaning or repairs. Bring your hearing aids in for a full cleaning, and to analyze your hearing aids for any moisture or dirt related problems.

Even with maintenance, your hearing aids will gradually develop technical problems due to clogging of microphones or speakers. If you are experiencing feedback or buzzing, the controls are not working properly, or you have to change the batteries more often than before, your hearing aids are getting a bit old.

Has Your Hearing Changed?

A common reason to update your hearing aid is to keep them up to date with your hearing needs. As your hearing slowly diminishes with time, you may need to update to a more powerful hearing aid or style so you can enjoy your favorite activities and easily interact with family and friends.

A change in lifestyle, either a new job or entering retirement, is another reason to re-evaluate your hearing aids. When your hearing needs change, it’s important to make sure your hearing aids are meeting your new hearing requirements. If you’re having trouble hearing things that used to be clear, if you have to strain to hear your grandkids, or if sounds are fuzzy, it’s time to update your hearing aids! Book a hearing exam to see how your hearing has changed, and discover what hearing aid is right for your changing hearing.

New Technology

A great reason to update your hearing aids is new advances in hearing technology. Maybe a program that would radically change your hearing experience has just become available, and wasn’t around when you bought your hearing aids a few years ago. Every year, new technologies are developed that help with listening in challenging environments, enjoying music more fully, or hearing in auditoriums or large spaces. Updating your hearing aids can open up a new world of easy listening.

Modern hearing aids are increasingly advanced. With wireless connectivity to phones, TV, and media centers, and telecoils to connect to PA systems, hearing aids are bringing you closer to the world. Each new generation of hearing aids has new developments in feedback suppression, background noise reduction, speech recognition, and improved spatial cues. If your current hearing aids are a few years old, updating your hearing aids can change the way you hear the world, and it’s time to update.

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