Best New Hearing Aids of 2016

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Best New Hearing Aids of 2016
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Best Hearing Aids in 2016

Each year hearing aid manufactures release exciting new products, and 2016 is no exception. This year some of the major hearing aid brands have created new technology that can change the way you hear the world. Learn more about the best hearing aids of 2016.

Oticon OPN

Oticon OPN 2016 Atlanta Hearing DoctorOticon is has been producing hearing aids for over 100 years, so when it comes to quality Oticon is a name you can trust. New in 2016 is Oticon’s OPN, a hearing aid designed to work with the brain, providing spatial sound awareness, speech recognition, feedback management, and sound focusing.

The BrainHearing solution to hearing loss, OPN is a whole new way to hear, based on the understanding that hearing happens in the brain, not in the ear. Rather than the hearing aid choosing what sounds to focus on, the brain decides what it wants to pay attention to and OPN is designed to support the brain. With less listening effort, greater understanding, and more natural hearing, OPN provides ease in social interactions, and more accurate memory for what you hear.

Do you get tired of fiddling with your hearing aid settings every time you are in a new listening environment? OPN automatically adjusts the volume and switches between programs, all based on your listening preferences. Advanced connectivity means you can wirelessly connect OPN to your phone, TV, vehicle audio system and even connect with the doorbell, baby monitor, or stove to receive notifications right to your ear.

Starkey Muse

Starkey Muse Hearing Aid Atlanta Hearing DoctorNew from Starkey in 2016 is Muse, a hearing aid that launches the Synergy platform and Acuity OS operating system, introducing innovative solutions to high definition sound and complete listening. A whole new way of hearing, Muse focuses on delivering the subtle sounds happening in the environment without losing natural hearing or spatial awareness.

Rather than blocking background sounds, the Synergy platform classifies and balances them, so you can focus on what you want without getting disoriented. Another plus for Muse is their music listening program. Developed with a team of music professionals and hearing aid users, the program accounts for the various dynamic ranges and instrumentation in music, making music balanced, audible and clear like never before.

Signia Primax

Signia Primax 2016 Atlanta Hearing DoctorThe Signia Primax line is new in 2016, the latest in hearing technology from Sivantos and co-branded with Siemens. The Signia Primax boasts better than normal hearing in difficult listening situations. Using individual listening preferences, the SpeechMaster Platform runs algorithms to ensure you work less. It regulates noise reduction, directionality and amplification to give clear hearing. Signia Primax does this so well that a recent study showed that hearing with Signia Primax was even better than normal hearing! Work less and hear more with Signia Primax, and never strain to hear sounds again.

Phonak Naida V

Phonak, a Swiss manufacturer with a track record for delivering quality products and reducing stigma around hearing loss, recently released Naida V for those with severe to profound hearing loss. Naida V introduces SoundRecover2, a program aimed to restore hearing. High-frequency sounds, like children’s voices or bird chirps, are lowered into the range that the hearing aid user can hear, increasing the ability to hear the world and participate in every aspect of life.

The Roger portfolio improves speech understanding in noisy environments and provides advanced speech understanding. With the BroadbandBooster, broadband signals are amplified without distortion or increasing battery drain. Available in four performance levels, Naida is revolutionary for those with profound hearing loss. Phonak delivers a powerful product in a small package. Even with the high battery demands, Naida V is 25% smaller than the pervious model, and 60% more durable thanks to a new glass fiber reinforced material. Get a hearing aid that works for you, without sacrificing style.

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